Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blowing my own trumpet!!

On Tuesday this week, hubby and I went to Birmingham Town Hall for a concert by acclaimed trumpeter Alison Balsom. Although we'd come to know of her through listening to Classic FM, her programme for this series of concerts included a fair mix of Classical, Jazz and Show tunes.

One of her passions is about encouraging new players and together with a company producing the new 'pTrumpet' she has become an ambassador for getting the instrument more accessible.

A group of children were invited to perform a new fanfare as part of the concert - they had only been given their trumpets a few weeks earlier and here they were, in front of a large audience, demonstrating their newly-acquired skills!

But introducing people to the world of trumpeting didn't stop just at children for Ms Balsom - one of the programmes on sale had a special hand-drawn trumpet on one of its pages and the lucky recipient was invited to the stage to have a go at playing too! ........and guess who was that lucky winner....?!

As I made my way through the labyrinth of corridors down to the stage I began to think I should have sent hubby instead!  However, I was greeted with rapturous applause as Alison presented me with my very own trumpet! I had a quick 'mini-masterclass' from Ms Balsom, thrilled to have a complete novice on the stage to prove that ANYONE could have a go and make music.

After failing miserably to manage to raise more than a few squeaky splutters (but providing much mirth in the audience!) yours truly took a bow and I was applauded off the stage complete with trumpet, case and accessories!

So now I can say I've 'shared' the stage with a world-class trumpeter! 

(and after a few lessons, maybe I will be able to
 'blow my OWN trumpet'
and live up to the name of my blog!!!)


  1. My younger granddaughter plays the trumpet. After the "difficult" phase she progressed rapidly and practices it twenty minutes an evening. It's no longer difficult for the rest of us, either.

  2. Congratulations.......

  3. I look forward to hearing your own mini-concert on the blog.

  4. I would never have expected plastic to sound so good.