Thursday, 16 October 2014

Blowing my own trumpet!!

On Tuesday this week, hubby and I went to Birmingham Town Hall for a concert by acclaimed trumpeter Alison Balsom. Although we'd come to know of her through listening to Classic FM, her programme for this series of concerts included a fair mix of Classical, Jazz and Show tunes.

One of her passions is about encouraging new players and together with a company producing the new 'pTrumpet' she has become an ambassador for getting the instrument more accessible.

A group of children were invited to perform a new fanfare as part of the concert - they had only been given their trumpets a few weeks earlier and here they were, in front of a large audience, demonstrating their newly-acquired skills!

But introducing people to the world of trumpeting didn't stop just at children for Ms Balsom - one of the programmes on sale had a special hand-drawn trumpet on one of its pages and the lucky recipient was invited to the stage to have a go at playing too! ........and guess who was that lucky winner....?!

As I made my way through the labyrinth of corridors down to the stage I began to think I should have sent hubby instead!  However, I was greeted with rapturous applause as Alison presented me with my very own trumpet! I had a quick 'mini-masterclass' from Ms Balsom, thrilled to have a complete novice on the stage to prove that ANYONE could have a go and make music.

After failing miserably to manage to raise more than a few squeaky splutters (but providing much mirth in the audience!) yours truly took a bow and I was applauded off the stage complete with trumpet, case and accessories!

So now I can say I've 'shared' the stage with a world-class trumpeter! 

(and after a few lessons, maybe I will be able to
 'blow my OWN trumpet'
and live up to the name of my blog!!!)