Friday, 26 September 2014's up, duck?

Oh my - it's nearly October and I've only made four blog posts this whole year.....only FOUR!!

I don't know where the time goes to (well, yes I do really, if I stop and think...) but I decided I really must start carving out blog-time again!

To re-kick-start my interest in photography I grabbed the camera (the proper one, not just my phone!) before DD and I went for a walk to look for some Autumnal colours this afternoon. The leaves are just beginning to turn from pure green to those with a hint of yellow and orange and I have a feeling that with the currently unseasonably warm days (and rather more cold nights!) we may be in for a spectacular Autumn 'show'!

But....all we found were ducks and boats......oh well, all good practice for trying out some of the techniques my cousin over in New Hampshire 'educated' me on, this time last year.


I'll share some more piccies later, now that I'm attempting to get back into blogging - can't guarantee to also get back into the regular writing that I used to do......unless anyone can suggest a writing-meme they know of, perhaps....?