Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Beautiful boating weather....perhaps not!

You've heard of 'getting all your ducks in a row'......well, this time it's boats, rather than ducks (but one just sneaked into shot!)

Now that Spring is finally arriving and the soggy Warwickshire countryside is drying out enough to make walking rather than wading an option, I ventured out along the nearby Oxford Canal yesterday morning.

It's a while since I last came this way but very little has changed; some of the narrow-boats at the boatyard are still 'parked' up waiting for warmer weather and people to hire them - it'll soon be Easter and they'll be gliding up and down the canals regularly.

There was a slight break in the clouds as I turned round and headed for home and was greeted with a "Mornin' Missus!" salutation from the driver of a floating 'craft-shop' (judging by the signs on the side and the carvings in the windows).  As I snapped a picture, he chugged off into the distance - slow, calm and sedate.

 A great antidote to the helter-skelter world we live in these days!