Saturday, 8 February 2014

As Doc Brown would say - "GREAT SCOTT!"

Yes - those were my first words, too, when I heard about the plan to create a stage musical from the iconic 'Back To The Future' movies!

With British Director Jamie Lloyd and music by the film franchise's original writer, Alan Silvestri, it is a production that has been a decade or more in the planning. Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale have reunited their partnership from the original movies to write the new show for the stage.

We are promised illusions, skateboarding extraodinaire and a host of other special effects, along with many of the original soundtrack 1950's favourites.

Due to hit London's West End in 2015, it will be a fitting way to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Marty McFly and his cohorts' first trip in the De Lorean time machine! (...perhaps they should get the 'flux-capacitor' running now, then we wouldn't have to wait!)


Another show, this time already receiving plaudits in the West End, is 'From Here To Eternity'

From Here To Eternity Musical London

Based on the book by James Jones (and of course, the film directed by  Fred Zinnemann) with music and lyrics by Tim Rice and Stuart Brayson, it is turning out to be one of the hit shows currently on the London Stage - we're going to see it this coming Wednesday and I'll report back! (see edit. below video)

In the meantime, here's a sneak preview........... :-)

Edit. 21/02/2014 - well, we had really good seats thanks to an upgrade by theatre staff on arrival! Really enjoyed the show, three or four of the tunes are still bouncing around in my head. The stage production was clever and not too sophisticated so I hope they take this on tour. Just a short run in the West End so I hope it makes it to the provinces. Now I shall have to re-watch the Burt Lancaster/ Deborah Kerr/Montgomery Clift film version and see how it compares - may one day have to read the original book!

Next week: just have five shows lined up.....busy's a hard life! ;-)


  1. Great Scott! It looked like a spoof. Could it be real.

    1. Both shows are for real, Yvonne! :-)
      (....well, the second one had better be - I have 3 tickets for Wednesday in my hand....!)

  2. Reason enough, Sue, to head to London next year. Maybe I can find one of those really REALLY cheeeeep fairs. Ha. A girl can dream. :)

  3. Of course, I meant 'fares'. GAK!

  4. From Here to Eternity as a musical? Wow, I can't wait for it to come here.
    I wonder what Frank Sinatra would say?

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  6. I love going to see live theatre.
    Thanks for your explanation of freeview.