Thursday, 24 October 2013

Back to the drawing board (...or should I say - 'writing' board?)

There was a time when I used to pen little bits and pieces here; some prompted by writing memes from other bloggers and sites, some for my own meme: 'Thursday@3' (see the side bars and please try one, why don't you?).

Sadly, the 'muse' wandered off one day when I wasn't paying attention and then 'normal' life got in the way of me chasing after her......  :-/

However, thanks to the prodding/nudging of one of my blogging-friends, Cathy Olliffe-Webster , I was 'introduced' to the amazing Delores who's hosting a word-prompt called Words For Wednesday and when I ducked in there for a gander yesterday I couldn't resist 'trying it on for size', so to speak!

Anyway - the prompt was thus: create a short piece of fiction or poetry inspired by the use of any (or all) of the following words:-

crow, evening, mist, rapid, blazing, emerge 

An added incentive/option was to use this picture as inspiration:

It didn't take long to get the mental machinery into operation again and I came up with this little ditty of doggerel verse:

Beware the CROW, your unseen foe, as EVENING MISTs descend,
For by and by, with RAPID eye, he notes the nuts you tend.

He waits his chance, and as you dance through leaves of BLAZING gold,
His cawing dirge, as you  EMERGE, is screaming shrill and bold.

So hurry! Flee!  Get up that tree, for time is now a-wasting,
It’s not the nuts, but squirrel guts, he has in mind for tasting!