Saturday, 24 August 2013

I'm off......again!

I've just realised it's nearly the end of August and this is the first (and only!) post I shall make here this month!

This year has been quite unusual  - I've travelled to Amsterdam ,  Vienna  and Prague - and next week I'm off again! This time, to visit cousins in New England. :-) It's a few years since my last visit, but DD (dear daughter) and I are off to Merrimack, New Hampshire - I wonder if we'll see any of the 'fall' colours? (might be a bit early...we'll see)

I'm looking forward to all the sights and sounds of New England - and the food! (Cousin's wife is a chef so we shall NOT starve!!! ;-p)  I think she will be giving DD  some culinary expertise while I hope to get some pointers on getting the best out of my new camera from my cousin whose pictures are awesome!

The last few weeks have been busy with workmen clambering all over the house (and in the loft!) as we had our old boiler ripped out and a new heating system installed, followed by an electrician sorting out some rewiring, which then required some redecoration - so, in a brief lull in hostilities before the kitchen gets installed n a couple of months, I'm really ready for a break!  (and I hope I'll have lots of super photos to share here!)

So the bags are packed and we're ready to roll - bring on the clam 'chowdah'!!! 
(and the foliage!)