Sunday, 16 June 2013

'Czech'-ing in!

So, here we are with travelogue #2 - a quick trip to the Czech Republic and Austria! (#1 was Amsterdam and Haarlem )

Despite the catastrophic flooding that has befallen central Europe this last few weeks, our tour set off on our planned excursion to Prague, České Budějovice and Vienna, with minor alterations to the itinerary. There's too much to be covered easily in one post, so today I'll start with the first 'leg' of our three-stop tour.....

Flying into Prague at dusk, it was still possible to see the extent of the flooding around the city. The rising waters of the River Vltava had caused the underground metro system to be sealed off and the flood barriers were still in place, with all the public parks closed due to safety concerns as the waterlogged ground had caused some of the trees to fall. However, we were off the plane and straight onto a coach for a two-hour drive south to České Budějovice arriving for our 'evening' meal - at midnight!

Our first full days' tour was to the delightful medieval town of České Krumlov:

The castle stands high on the hill - in this case, safely away from the rising waters! The whole town is beautifully maintained with it's painted walls and bright colours.

The small winding streets are full of beautiful curiosities:

However, there were still signs of the threat of flooding:

Heading back to České Budějovice, we arrived at one of hubby's all-time 'bucket list' entries - a visit to the Budweiser brewey:

This is the 'original and best', not its American impersonator! (when litigation reared its ugly head on the part of the American brewers, their Czech counterparts retaliated with the original recipe - from the 14th century!)

......and of course, we had to sample it - with a lovely traditional Czech meal, here :

So, next stop on this virtual tour we'll be crossing over into Austria and a visit to the beautiful Melk Abbey!

................/to be continued!


  1. The pictures are beautiful. I wish I could go there. I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of

  2. I have Europe envy now. I am loving the painting of the bear / wolf / wolverine animal on the overhang in that restaurant.

  3. Hi Sue .. looks wonderful - and I'm glad the floods are receding somewhat .. sounds as though you are having fun - hubby must be pleased too!

    Cheers Hilary

  4. Sue this sounds like a great trip. Sad to think of all the destruction that has befallen these lands over the last 60 years due to war. This looks magical and I would love to take this trip.

    Glad you are enjoying yourself!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now