Saturday, 11 May 2013

Retirement : Redux

In January 2011 I decided to take 'early retirement' from my job in the local town library. After the first few weeks of  feeling as if I was just 'on leave' I soon settled down into having the delightful luxury of not having to flit round the place like a headless chicken and being able to say 'mañana' where housework was concerned! I indulged my passion for reading and writing, as well as genealogy and yarn-crafting.

Then a few months later 'life' got in the way: one chick returned to the nest, along with their attendant paraphernalia (and furniture!) and the other chick had some major medical issues which meant we had to rally round and help with her household chores and chauffeuring. 

Eventually, we settled into a new 'normal' - covering the bases, but not really progressing with things.

Well, 'life' has intervened again - hubby recently retired from his 'day job', younger chick has just this last week 'flown the nest' again and relocated in the north of the country and elder chick is contemplating returning to (self-financed) educational studies, whilst keeping her independence.

This, of course, means hubby and I are 'empty-nesters' once again. Elder chick has claimed we might kill each other, being in the same space at the same time after 32 years of marriage, but we have a plan: we commandeered the 'spare' bedrooms as our individual space - one for him and one for me. I used to joke that he'd have the 'east wing' and I'd have the 'west wing' - as if our home was rather larger and grander than reality! As it's turned out, he gets the morning sun and I get the sunsets - so it seems we really have got the geography of our personal spaces correct, after all! ;-p

Between us, we have a few holidays coming up: elder chick and I are off to Amsterdam and Haarlem in a few days; then hubby and I are touring Vienna and Prague (the highlight of that trip is to Ceske Budejovice to tour the brewery!); then later in the year while elder chick and I visit relatives in New England, hubby and younger chick are off to the Italian Grand Prix!

It looks as if it will take a while for hubby and I to finally settle down to proper 'Darby & Joan' retirement (although he might get a little part-time job, so he'll be out from under my feet! ;-p)

So, I'm gradually reclaiming the 'craft room' I set up when the nest emptied first time around. I'm allocating space for yarn storage and working out how to organise all my Family History documents and images, etc.

I have great plans......!

.......and who knows - I might yet get back into writing.....!


  1. You have a grand plan. Go for it.

  2. Sue I really hope you do get into writing. I am envious of your retirement and the wings of your house! Perfect plan though and good use of spare rooms. Have a fun summer!!

  3. Sounds like you got a good grip on your retirement, as well as life.

  4. ...unless life interferes again, Sue. Ha. Life is what happens in between making plans. I loved reading your post.

    I'm sort of retired myself, and boy have I become self-indulgent. :)

    Well, more than before, I mean. Ha.

  5. Hi Sue .. sounds like you're having fun and getting prepared for the big togetherness .. at least you have a his and a hers techie room .. and your crafts - so pleased for you ..

    Those trips sound wonderful .. I did notice you're on 3 of them?! Cheers Hilary