Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A-Z 2013 'Z' is for Zero-ing in!

(click on the pictures to enlarge)

Rounding off the 'A-Z' for this year, I find myself with many gaps in my Family Tree (that's it, above!)

There are so many question-marks regarding the 'missing links' - the gaps of generations unaccounted for. 

I don't like having large blank areas - I know these people must have existed, but finding the documented proof is another matter!

However, every now and then I get a break-through and suddenly we're off back another generation or two and I have to add extra 'twigs' to the edge of the 'branches'. ;-p

However, some remain lurking in the shadows; almost like rumours and whispers. Well, I'm 'zero-ing in' and tracking down these elusive people - who knows, I might actually find out the 'truth' about the family mysteries ........one day!

Thank you all for joining me on this whistle-stop A-Z tour around the
wonderful (and addictive!) world of Genealogy!

I hope you enjoyed it - and feel inspired to go and do likewise.

Please let me know how you get on!


  1. Good luck finding the missing people. I enjoyed your A-Z.

  2. Your A-Z this year has been ace Marmee :) so interesting xx

  3. Hi Sue .. your depiction is wonderful I thought it was a kite balloon ascending! .. and to a point it is .. except it is descending into the annals of time ..

    I'm going to enjoy coming back and reading all your entries .. so fascinating .. cheers Hilary

  4. You have done an amazing job filling in your family tree. I can imagine it is pretty frustrating to have the missing spaces. I hope you can find your missing people.

    Tales of a Pee Dee Mama

  5. Thanks for sharing your personal stories.

  6. I'll say it again, this is so intriguing I may have to dive in myself. I also fear (as you mention) the addictiveness of it. That may be consuming.

    Thanks for sharing your travels around your ancestry. Good luck on filling in more blanks. Please keep us updated as you progress.

    Great job on the A-Z this year, Sue.

  7. Truly impressive work that you have done on your family tree. I have a weakness for ancestor photos...I was given a couple of photos at a family reunion that no one could identify and nobody wanted. Since then my mother and I have dug up names and stories to go with them.

    When I visit an antique/junk store and see a box of ancestor photos I have to take home at least one or two. It is most distressing to see these photos being sold to strangers.

    The other day on a TV story I saw a man burn an ancestor photo he didn't like...wow, that lit my fuse! I know it was just a story but I find that very sad.

    Anyway, you have done a masterful job of this A-Z challenge. Congratulations!