Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A-Z 2013 'I' is for Inlaws (more like 'outlaws' ?)

(One set of hubby's Grandparents)

Following a single line in Family History usually means keeping to the male side of inheritance. But each of those 'males' had a spouse, and trekking through the 'distaff' line it's amazing what you find!

As I mentioned yesterday, I know some of my family ancestors married into some well-known Reiving families (you'll have to wait for 'R' to find out more!) where they literally were outlaws - I expect more than a few were killed in local skirmishes throughout the 'Debatable Lands'  of the Scottish Borders!

However, checking through hubby's family, along the female line I've found completely the opposite!  I suppose, to them, my lot are indeed not so much 'inlaws' as 'outlaws'!

Hubby's Mother's family spent many years in India and seeing photographs of them tells me they are a world away from my own lowly stock!

All looking rather grand!

Very elegant! Hubby's Great Grandmother, Amy (middle) flanked by her sisters.

A few years later, here she is, with father, Grandfather and newest offspring - four generations in one picture:

And here's a picture of Amy's husband, Robert, with his firstborn son, Harry
(probably taken the same day) again, on the lawn
at the Hill Station, Igatpuri, Maharashtra state.

Sadly, just a few years after these pictures were taken, Amy had died of a brain tumour followed a year later by Robert, a victim of the influenza pandemic of 1919. Their six children were split up and lived with different members of the family, I think some never saw each other again.

These elegant pictures are remote from my own family's situation - all very upperclass, what!
 (I suppose me marrying-in restores the balance ;-p) 

I couldn't resist this last one - look at the sailor suits!


  1. Family life can change in a twinkling and take such unexpected turns through the generations.

  2. I enjoy genealogy and also like going through cemeteries to piece lives together. Wonderful pictures and stories to go with them!

  3. Wonderful pictures, they are a treasure.

    From my grandparents on back there are virtually no pictures, such a shame!

  4. You found some amazing pictures of your roots. Such cool info on both sides of the tree make for interesting thoughts on how we get to where we are. You must be having fun, Sue!

    Chuck at Apocalypse Now

  5. Glad you were able to tip the balance back :)