Thursday, 24 January 2013

I'm bored of this game, now!

No, I haven't (totally) given up on this blog - but I confess my posting here has been sporadic of late!

However, the 'boredom' in the post-title is aimed at the current UK weather. For the last week we've had snow and I'm fed up of it; that is to say, I'm fed up of the roads being clogged up with it. Being slap bang in the middle of the country we caught the snow going up the west side, then caught it going up the east side a couple of days later, then yet another (albeit, smaller) dose last night - enough already! The main roads are clear but getting out of our close is 'interesting' at times!

Aside from that, I've been busy with a blog-hop on one of my other pages which has taken up a lot of my time! So, apologies if it looks as though I've done a 'runner' - I do look in here most days and sooner or later I'll be back in the groove, here.

In the meantime - here's something of interest: