Friday, 28 December 2012

Time's running out, again........

The last days of 2012 are ebbing away and to be quite honest I'm not that sad! This year has been a mix of good and bad, with a side-order of 'indifferent', so I am looking forward to 2013 in the hopes that lessons learned this year will help me to avoid or deal with any further less pleasant issues that may arise!

Christmas has been and gone, much enjoyed, but I'm in the hiatus point betwixt festive celebrations and the coming New Year - waiting to take down the decorations and get tidied up!

I'm not going to set myself New Year resolutions - I always fail! However, I have great intentions of being more 'regular' with my blog posts, across all my blogs, and being more methodical rather the 'hit & run' attitude of late!

Whilst on that subject, I am considering adding comment moderation here for a while - I have been targeted by spambots a lot recently, so I'm hoping a spell of confounding them may deflect the activity away. I HATE having to do this to readers who are trying to leave comments but I promise it will only be for a short period to see if it makes any difference.

So, looking back on 2012, this year I didn't read as many books as I'd planned and haven't written as much as I'd hoped; I seem to have been very busy but appear to have very little to show for it (except knitting.....see my knitting exploits! )

The Family History project has been picked at occasionally - I plan to get that into a more readable format next year; currently it is like a mental jigsaw puzzle and I know where the pieces fit but no one else in the family would have a clue! I'm also hoping to bust a few genealogical 'brick walls' and see if I can get any further back than the early 1600's - there's a challenge!

With a few possible jaunts abroad in the pipeline, next year is beginning to look interesting! DD and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam and Haarlem in the Spring - and our cousins across the 'pond' are tempting us over for a re-visit to New England (and maybe even a quick jaunt up to Montreal!) :-)

I've been told, by the OH that I can plan a new kitchen in the Spring, too - a '1st' in 32 years of marriage - I've always had to put up with the kitchens we've inherited in various house moves, designed by others and not entirely to my taste! So I shall become boring as I pore over catalogues and consider appliances - but there is a limit to what will fit in the small kitchen space we have allocated; I'm hoping space-saving gadgets and cabinetry will turn it into a kitchen of Tardis proportions!

There may also be the merest hint of acquiring a new four-legged friend in the offing......but we'd need to re-lawn part of the garden before we could even consider adopting another hound! (probably an elderly pooch needing a quiet 'retirement'!)

With all the family illness issues that have beset us lately I really hope the next year will give us all time to catch our breath - no doubt there will be challenging times ahead!

So, I wish you well for 2013 and look forward to being able to speak with you all very soon, even if that is only digitally!

Please call in when you're passing and if you'd like to leave a comment (and can be bothered to negotiate the moderation!) I'd love to hear what you think - this world (and life in general, of late) may have sucker-punched me this last 12 months but.......I Refuse To Go Quietly!



  1. It sounds as if you have a good year in mind, even if you accomplish only half of it!

  2. YOU'RE GOING TO MONTREAL???????? OK. Seriously? We have to meet up. I mean, Montreal is a ways away, to be sure, but I'm more than willing to make the drive and pay you a visit. Gawd knows, you might not ever get this close again. If you want to meet up, send me a note! I'll schedule some time off and me and Dave can head east for a visit. Wouldn't that be awesome?

    Your year sounds a lot like mine - good, bad and indifferent, except I still can't knit to save my life and you're oodles ahead on your family history.


  3. My year had shades of yours (most family tribulations) but I had a productive year in writing, in which I had a story published (book actually).

    Here's to 2013 being a way lot better than 2012.

  4. It is strange the way we can work and work and feel like nothing is ever getting done. Hopefully 2013 will be better than the one before it. I hope it turns out the way you plan it.

  5. Hi Sue - love the clock .. I used that pic too!

    Sounds like you have plans well organised for 2013 - the Amsterdam trip sounds glorious ... let alone New England and Montreal ...

    Family history back beyond 1600s .. good luck - that sounds like a monkey puzzle dilemma ... but if you can crack it - how excellent ... enjoy this one.

    Then the new kitchen to mull over all these plans and itineraries ... and that 'new' beloved creature to keep you company ..

    Happy 2013 - sounds a fun one ahead .. cheers Hilary

  6. Glad that 2012 is done...I'm ready for this BRAND NEW YEAR!!! Hope yours is grand!