Thursday, 13 September 2012


I promised there might be a new story up here this week, in the old 'Thursday@3' slot! (see the right hand sidebar for more stories!)

Well, I was sitting knitting this morning (best 'plotting' time!) and I was reminded of a comment I made on Cathy Olliffe-Webster's blog the other day, about the unlikely event of her and another writer, Laura Eno , having a camping trip, which I'd suggested would make a good plot for a short story. Then I recalled that this week's F3 writing prompt centred on what might happen in an isolated cabin when someone hears a telephone conversation they weren't meant to (as in the Barbara Stanwyck film "Sorry, wrong number" )

So, I thought, kill two birds with one stone (which also gives me a title for the story!) and link Thursday@3 and my entry for F3. So, Cathy and Laura - thank you for the inspiration and the kick-start to get the writing muse under control! :-)

Coming in at the maximum word count for Thursday@3 (333 words) here y'go!


Laura’s eyes wandered across her spartan surroundings. Getting ‘away from it all’ in this wilderness was not her idea of fun but at least Cathy’s experience of the great outdoors would ward off her fears of the more savage aspects of nature and so she had finally agreed to this girlie camping trip.

Three hours earlier she had arrived at the cabin bedraggled, cold and miserable. Cathy was nowhere to be seen and any sense of adventure had long-since evaporated. Noises of unseen animals scuttling about reverberated on the wooden cabin walls, resembling a demonic scratching and snuffling that conjured frightening visions in her mind.

More worrying was the unexpected phone call that had interrupted these fantasies of terror, replacing them with an altogether more sinister reality. The voice was gruff and unrecognisable. At first she’d thought it was Cathy playing games, but the two-way conversation she was privy to had quickly revealed something else.

“I saw the second car parked at the foot of the incline; now they’re both here. We have all weekend.”

“Hmm!” another voice had answered, sounding like its owner was licking his lips; there was almost something of excited anticipation tucked into that one drawn out response.

“So keep your head down. The fun starts soon!”

Laura had tapped the receiver rest repeatedly, trying to clear the line before it clicked silent.

That had been half an hour ago and since then her mind had put two and two together and come up with a reasonable four: it was time to leave. Fast. But as she jumped up to make her exit she dropped her keys. Scrabbling wildly under the chair to retrieve them she felt something soft and clammy.

As she pushed the chair back she saw a hand whose fingernails bore an unmistakeable shade of vibrant nail polish and realised Cathy had been here all along. It was a discovery she had little time to worry about, in the split second before the lights went out....


Author's note:  Although the characters names are based on reality, the events are entirely fictitious!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Progress (or not) report!

So, I completely copped out of posting here during August and now September has arrived......

Contrary to this blog's title, I would quite like to shuffle quietly off and escape some of life's pressing issues - still, a new day dawns (literally - I've been up since before dawn, the victim of a restless mind trapped in an exhausted body!)

The 'writing' has taken something of a back-seat - partly due to life's commitments (the support of family/chronic and terminal illnesses) and also the whole 'why on earth do I bother' demons that sit on my shoulders and sap the literary juices almost as soon as they start to flow!

Well, the grand plans (and the half a dozen half-written novels!) have taken a battering. The rejection letters/emails could paper a small room and (maybe I'm just jealous?) I'm heartily sick and tired of people jumping up and down promoting their latest ebook, that I've realised the 'writing' is the easy bit!

And, with all the books in the world, is there room enough for yet another, anyway? Which reminds me, I came across this by Arlee Bird - and I realised I'm not alone!

If I can round up my errant muse, perhaps I'll get back into flash fiction, like at FFF or I might even kick-start the old 'Thursday@3' series (see the right-hand sidebar) - if I can just fan the spark of imagination into flame!

I need energy and inspiration - if you have either (or both!) going spare, shove it my way - but maybe I'll just give myself a nudge and a challenge, and let's see what happens here next Thursday, around 3pm (UK time)!