Monday, 16 July 2012

What mask are YOU wearing?

Excuse me while I have a wee rant!

Most days I can pretty much shrug my shoulders at the adverse aspects of life and just get on with things.

Then there are days like today.

I woke up with a sense of dread - the start of another week of never-ending laundry (how on earth do three fully-grown individuals create so much dirty washing?); clutter about the place that I never seem to be able to eradicate (I'm sure my OH was a squirrel in a former life!); meals to be planned that won't spoil for having to be re-heated (i.e. - meals hubby can reheat in microwave at work and that fit his diabetic dietary requirements); wondering when the 'life-issues' that surround my family will finally get sorted.......

I had this idea, when I took early retirement 18 months ago, that I'd have time to do all the essential day-to-day household things early in the day and spend the rest of my time doing the things I'd always wanted to do. Well, for a few months I seemed to manage that - leaving the afternoons/evenings to explore writing/flash-fiction/'the novel'. However, discovering that writing is the 'easy' part I grew disenchanted with the uphill task of getting people to read my stuff  (be it through agents/publishers or just here on my blog) and to all intents and purposes I've stopped writing.

So, that was my joy and pleasure - what now?
 Ho, hum....time to put on my 'I'm fine, thank you!' mask and roll up my sleeves.

In the mean time I will make no bones about once again sharing with you one of my favourite clips from the 1970's BBC TV's sit-com 'The Good Life'!

For those of you who don't know it, Tom and Barbara Good decide to escape the rat-race and become self-sufficient in their affluent part of London, as their snobby but friendly neighbours watch on.
This clip says a great deal about how I feel this morning, as I equate myself with poor Barbara's 'lot' (and oh, that I had her figure!) - Tom has bought an old range from a rag-and bone merchant - but he isn't the one doing the hard work!


  1. I had a story rejected this week, too - it set me back a day or so, and then I picked up another story I'd been working on, saw the obvious flaws, and the obvious good bits, rewrote it and submitted it. Got to keep trying.
    I think you are a touch depressed, you know: you retired and expected life to suddenly shift your way, but in fact you've fallen under the weight of the domestic chores. You feel put upon and ignored and stymied. Fight back! Write, and write, and write again, because that's the unique part of you, and no-one else can write what you have inside you.
    There is a delayed reaction to major life changes, and maybe this is yours; a sort of after-shock. You can get through this; but every writer needs a thick skin when it comes to submitting work. Grow a shell, and write from underneath. You can do it!

    1. - thank you (I think?!)
      I'm just having an 'off' day - don't we all? (depressed? only a tad)

  2. I'm suffering from a different problem to yours except that it's remarkably similar. I have a retired husband and now that he's around every day there's never enough time to write like I used to. How did that happen? What we need is a 'return to writing' action plan.

  3. I feel your frustration. I write because it makes me happier. Sometimes I think what I write isn't worth much to anyone else. So, I have almost convinced myself it doesn't matter if anyone ever reads it.

    I have heard that Ray Bradbury wrote something and submitted something every week. Eventually it kept his name out there and in awhile people wanted to read what he wrote.

    I enjoyed the clip.

  4. I think having an off day (or week or he'll even month) is just fine, so long as you acknowledge that's what it is. re: writing, i go thru phases, and maybe its ok to let one hobby lie for a while while you focus on other things. there's nothing to say you won't get bit by the writing bug again in future.
    I am taking some time out from blogging and reading ALL THE INTERNETS because that was making me feel burned out and fed up. probably i will go back to it in time, meanwhile Im throwing myself into baking and making adventures, knitting, new (audio) books and dvds...
    I find if Im honest when Im feeling $hit the inernet rarely makes me feel anything but worse. so, time out. and solace in time"Anne of green gables" and some needles-time instead ;)
    Hugs and hang in there and j hope you feel a bit better soon. maybe you need a strong.gin and tonic with gerry and margot ;) xxx

  5. Every time I think I have retirement worked it, I get a new twist. Keeps me interested.

  6. Sue say you haven't stopped writing...I loved your A-Z work and was looking forward to more. I can't imagine what early retirement feels like. There are days I would kill for it and then I wonder, how DO you walk away from something you've worked at 30 years? Chin up!

  7. Thank you, everyone, for your thoughts and comments.

    Yesterday was not a good day - but it was only ONE DAY! (surely we're all allowed one or two bad days occasionally!)

    The writing aspect seems to have been the one thing most of you picked up on - but it was only one element in a series of little 'issues' I was having!

    That said, I really do feel that writing has to take a backseat (or at least - a break from the digital world!)

    Family issues/time means that I can't just give the necessary time to it right now - that may change in the future.....or not!

    I have rather a lot on my plate at the moment so I have to really consider using time wisely and not just frittering it away.

    Plus, when I look around at the current state of publishing and self-promo it annoys me - and do I really want to get into that? At the moment, the answer is 'not really'!

    The antics of some people I have digital-acquaintance with have totally put me off writing for the time being - I can't be like them and if that way lies 'success' then I'll pass, thank you!

  8. We all wear masks- we call them personalities!

    Thanks for dropping by the
    A to Z Challenge Blog and we have guest spots open if you are interested.

  9. Sometimes we hit the little valleys during our journeys, its just the matter of not thinking about it too much. Once you stop thinking about it, the muse for your writing will come back, and it will come back with a vegeance.