Monday, 30 July 2012


Well, the Olympics have been a long time coming but they've finally arrived, amid a wave of controversy, paranoid advertising sponsors and some disruption to everyday life in the capital!

I have to say, I am not at all interested in the Games per se - athletics stands well down my list of things to enjoy (even well below watching paint dry!) but the opening ceremony was a cultural extravaganza!

I missed the first (and probably the best) half so I had to wait until yesterday evening to watch it online. It was impressive, if a tad confusing at times, and without a commentary it would have appeared a bit shambolic. However, 'hats off' to all the tech-wizards who brought it all to life!

To tie in with the Games, there is also the London cultural Olympiad with events from all the regions. Here in my part of the West Midlands a huge street puppet of Godiva began her journey from nearby Coventry yesterday and today she arrived here in Rugby.

Unlike the original Godiva this mechanical street-puppet is fully clothed! But she's an impressive lady whether she's riding on her multi-cycle powered steed, or walking bemused around us 'little folk'!

She rests here tonight, then continues her progress southwards to London, with various other stops on the way; an iconic figure and a testimony to the skill of the engineers who fashioned her. And here's how she awoke.....

...and part 2...

Monday, 16 July 2012

What mask are YOU wearing?

Excuse me while I have a wee rant!

Most days I can pretty much shrug my shoulders at the adverse aspects of life and just get on with things.

Then there are days like today.

I woke up with a sense of dread - the start of another week of never-ending laundry (how on earth do three fully-grown individuals create so much dirty washing?); clutter about the place that I never seem to be able to eradicate (I'm sure my OH was a squirrel in a former life!); meals to be planned that won't spoil for having to be re-heated (i.e. - meals hubby can reheat in microwave at work and that fit his diabetic dietary requirements); wondering when the 'life-issues' that surround my family will finally get sorted.......

I had this idea, when I took early retirement 18 months ago, that I'd have time to do all the essential day-to-day household things early in the day and spend the rest of my time doing the things I'd always wanted to do. Well, for a few months I seemed to manage that - leaving the afternoons/evenings to explore writing/flash-fiction/'the novel'. However, discovering that writing is the 'easy' part I grew disenchanted with the uphill task of getting people to read my stuff  (be it through agents/publishers or just here on my blog) and to all intents and purposes I've stopped writing.

So, that was my joy and pleasure - what now?
 Ho, hum....time to put on my 'I'm fine, thank you!' mask and roll up my sleeves.

In the mean time I will make no bones about once again sharing with you one of my favourite clips from the 1970's BBC TV's sit-com 'The Good Life'!

For those of you who don't know it, Tom and Barbara Good decide to escape the rat-race and become self-sufficient in their affluent part of London, as their snobby but friendly neighbours watch on.
This clip says a great deal about how I feel this morning, as I equate myself with poor Barbara's 'lot' (and oh, that I had her figure!) - Tom has bought an old range from a rag-and bone merchant - but he isn't the one doing the hard work!