Saturday, 12 May 2012

Post-challenge time-out

The challenge may be over but I'm still picking my way through the April A-Z bloggers and their reflection posts - I may be at it for some time!

This, of course, saps the creative instinct. Plus, Mother Nature is behaving in a seasonal manner, which means the outside vegetation needs some attention (see pic - my current view from the conservatory) - so there will likely be a hiatus before I write anything fictional for a while!

Meanwhile, here are a few bloggers you might like to take a look at:

Arlee Bird's 'Wrote by Wrote' - just one of the blogs by this chap; he has a very interesting background - from being in a travelling family juggling act to......organising the A-Z challenge!

lizy-expat-writer - a fellow 'scribbler' who lives in Tenerife

Life on the muskoka river - Cathy Olliffe-Webster's blog on family life and absolutely anything and everything in (what, to me) seems a paradise setting in Canada - this woman has me in hysterics! No facade with Cathy - definitely WYSIWYG!! 

...and finally, (for this session of recommendations, anyway!) Calling Shotgun - Laurita Miller is another 'scribbler' but her posts are varied and informative ( and addictive!)

Please give these guys a look (and a comment if you want them to know you called by while they weren't looking!)


  1. Cathy Olliffe-Webster is my new favorite daily read. I so love her slant on life and she manages to give me a giggle to start the day.

  2. Sue, I understand the need to rest and attend to things that were put aside during the challenge. I too have taken a much needed break these last two weeks...had a lot going on at home to keep me busy. I'll be right here when you bring the fiction out again...all rested and ready to go!

  3. Enjoy your real-life time. And thanks for the shout out. I so enjoyed your posts over the month and look forward to more.

  4. Thanks for the mention in dispatches(Took me 3 tries to spell that right!) And I loved your typo on my blog. Our fingers do strange things when they go dyslexic.
    As for a rest - wish I could, but I sent off a submission to a comp, swearing that the book was complete, when in fact it needed editing. Naughty. So now I am editing in a panic, though the chances of reaching the so=hort list are slim,

  5. Hey Sue!!! Thanks SO much!!! What a cool surprise this evening - and by the way, your backyard looks positively charming. Oh to be wealthy and travel the world and come have tea with you in that very spot.
    May I say you're one of the most supportive bloggers in my bloggable world and I appreciate you very much.