Friday, 18 May 2012

Music and theatre and shiny lights...!

Some of you will know that I love 'live' theatre, especially West End musicals. Mind you, they cost an arm and a leg,  (hence we usually go in the 'cheap seats'!) and then there's the journey down to London and the late-night trawl home (we opt for matinees where possible) - so it really is an 'event'!

However, living in the Midlands we have access to so many local theatres and with some productions doing regional tours we can usually pick up a show that's more convenient to get to, if not slightly cheaper!

Last night we went to Birmingham Symphony Hall, (pic. above) which is fast becoming our go-to venue, especially for orchestral music - I think we'll give the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall a miss this season!

The show was part of a tour by singer, Ramin Karimloo - he of Phantom and Les Mis fame; also a previous 'Chris' in my favourite musical, 'Miss Saigon' which, if there is any common decency, Cameron MacIntosh will speedily reconsider his negative judgement regarding re-staging! Oh, let's have a little look at what we're missing, shall we.......

Anyway - we had a grand time last night, so here's a link to give you an example of what you missed! (excuse the adverts on these clips - I can't get rid of them!)

Next up on the stocks, is a trip to London in a couple of weeks (daughter and I let loose while hubby has a work meeting there!) and we are considering which show we'll try to get stand-by tickets for....! Although, so many shows are closing at the moment and many do not have a very long run anyway. We shall have to see....

Before that, we girlies (me, daughter and four of our friends) are getting together to watch 'Love Never Dies' - the sequel to 'Phantom of the Opera' (Ramin and Sierra Boggess created the roles of the Phantom and Christine for this) which daughter, hubby and myself saw several times before it left the West End. An Australian stage production was filmed so it's the nearest we can get to seeing the real thing:

Purists may hate me, but I actually prefer LND to POTO........and if you can stand another clip - here's the original London cast - kick it, Ramin!!!


  1. You have no idea how jealous I am. I would love to be able to splash out on the cheap seats. :) Seeing a musical for me usually means ticket, hotel, and plane tickets somewhere, usually out of the country. I'd still say it's worth it.

    Any chance you'll do a post on the show you see in London? I'd love to read about it.

    1. Hi, Laurita!
      I will certainly do a post on what we see in London. It may be a case of seeing something we've seen before - I hear a lot of shows may be taking a hiatus during the almighty Olympics (manners preclude me from giving vent to my frustration at how the UK is being forced into 'We love Olympics' hype....)

      I have a strong suspicion we may try for 'Wicked' again..... ! ;-)