Monday, 28 May 2012

Awards....with a catch!

Just the other day Chuck, a regular visitor to this blog, bestowed upon me a 'Kreativ Blogger' award.

Stunned as I was, I have to say I am thrilled to be thought worthy, so thank you Chuck! :-) (Please duck over to his blog Apocalypse Now and see what he's up to!)

The usual thing with these awards is to answer some questions and share random facts about yourself. That much I can do:-

What is your favorite song? - Of the moment - 'Till I hear you Sing' from the stage musical, 'Love Never Dies' (if you are unfamiliar with this, go here and be enlightened/bewitched!)

What is your favorite dessert? Eton Mess 

What ticks you off? Arrogant/bad drivers

When you're upset what do you do? Depends what/who has caused it. Mostly, I'll give myself some TLC!

Which is/was your favorite pet? I've loved them all, but our last dog, Bruce, was rather special. If you can imagine a real-life Pluto (Mickey Mouse's cartoon dog) then you're about spot-on!

Which do you prefer to wear, black or white? Black conceals a multitude of sins...... (but not ideal in the current UK heatwave!)

What is your biggest fear? Anything that might be seriously detrimental to well-being of my nearest and dearest.

What is your attitude mostly? Make-do and 'just get on with it'!

What is perfection? A beautiful sunset, a craftsman at work, ........and Eton Mess! ;-p

What is your guilty pleasure? Red Wine (but I have no guilt about it!)

And now - Ten Random Things About Me:

1. I once worked on a Vincent Price Horror Film set
2. I've had breakfast with the Bishop of Peru
3. I did a Stunt-driving course a couple of years ago (Don't believe me? Look here !)
4. I love poking around old churchyards (the genealogist in me)
5. I like most crafts (except scrapbooking and card-making!)
6. I can play the piano (by ear, never had lessons)
7. I used to play guitar (until my son 'appropriated' mine!)
8. I have an eclectic taste in music - anything from rock, to jazz to classical (except Bartok - can't stand it!)
9. I 'promenaded' at the Last Night Of the Proms! (that will probably mean very little to anyone outsie the UK!)

10. I used to work for the Financial Times - I was there the day after the Falkland's War ended and picked up a call from the international telephone operator who said the immortal line, "Would you like your call to Goose Green now?" (this was after all public link with the islands had been severed)

The other aspect of this award system (which is rather like a chain letter!) is to pass the award honour onto other bloggers. Well, three or four people I'd have chosen have already received this award in the last couple of weeks...... !?

Anyway, taking the word 'Kreativ' (or Creative, if you prefer!) I've decided to share it with people who 'make' things, being it crafting artisans or, indeed, wordsmiths - who create fiction from their imaginations!

Herby, I bestow the honour of 'Kreative Blogger' upon:

Cloudberry - Crafting and news from Norway

Hookin', Knittin' and Livin' Wool-crafting.....and life in general, from another perspective!

Life on the Muskoka River - Cathy's take on 'life' - an eclectic, uplifting blogger; never a dull moment!

Serenity and high spirits - Yes, nepotism! But this young lady has tapped into the simpler issues of 'living' life!

JF Juzwik's Blog -  wordsmith extroadinaire! Don't let Joyce's home-schooling exterior deceive you...!

Poems From The Middle - another wordsmith - this time a writer from my locale!

Nothing to See Here - a (fairly) 'newbie' blogger, but her creative video-blog entries for the recent April A-Z Challenge were a delight!

Right, my work here is done! Please take time to check these folks out!


  1. First I had to google eton mess... and YUM!!! No wonder you love it so much! It looks soooooooo yummy in google images... can only imagine how yummy it would look on the plate in front of me!

    And, wow, have you lived an interesting life! Financial Times? End of the Falklands war? Vincent Price and breakfast with a bishop? Way to live life, Sue!!!! New respect here for your awesomeness.

    Thanks for the nod, I do appreciate it! And I will drop by your other names to say howdy.

    Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  2. Thanks, Cathy - you must have slipped this comment in while I was busy updating this post to include a link to an Eton Mess recipe! :-)

  3. Thank you for the award! I'll have to go digging into my mental mine(field) to find some suitably random stuff about me that I haven't yet shared.

    That Eton mess does sound delish!

  4. Eton Mess is going to make an appearance soon in a Texas kitchen. My wife will make it since it has EVERYTHING she likes in a dessert!

    Sue, those were fantastic bits of info you provided...stunt driving??? I would love to have done that. Vincent Price. Bishops. You have rubbed elbows with some cool peeps.

    Thanks for the leads to new blogs and I knew you would make a great post out this award...that's why I thought of you straight away!

  5. Very kewl facts about yourself that I did not know. Then again, being a relative newbie to your blog makes it just that more interesting.

  6. I'm super jealous of number 1.

  7. I'm with you on number four. I love looking at old gravestones. :)