Monday, 23 April 2012

APRIL A-Z 2012 'Approaching Zero' - "...travelling"

For APRIL A-Z 2012, I decided on a single theme. In fact, it's a single story, broken into 26 bite-sized chunks of precisely 100 words. Each day's instalment begins using a word starting with the current letter of the alphabet and ends with a word commencing with the letter for the following day.

I hope you like it enough to look in each day and follow the story.....!
(new readers, please click back to 'A' to follow the plot!)

'APPROACHING ZERO' Part 20 - '…travelling'

….travelling in a foreign country was inviting trouble but she had little choice.

Looking down at the man’s body Evie wondered again exactly who he was; stripped of his false identity papers he was even more anonymous. Jack, or whatever his name was, had died knowing elements of their secret operation that were denied her; likewise he’d been precluded from certain facts she held.

Briefly, she pondered over the family who would never see him again; the lover whose arms would remain empty, oblivious of his final, squalid resting place. Was that her fate, too? To die alone and unknown?

… be continued!


  1. Oh, this one tugged at my heart a little. You've thrown so much into these little snips of story.

  2. Looking forward to seeing where you (and she) are going - it's been great so far.

  3. Or would the tattoo on his left large toe hold a clue to her next turn?

    Sorry, I got carried away. You've done a nice job breaking this story up into manageable 100-word snippets. You pack a lot in to just a little.


  4. damn I read the next one before I read this wonder I was confused.

  5. No! She's not gonna die too, is she? SUE! You better not be knocking her off, alone and squalid and not in a lover's arm... at least she's dressed well.
    (Don't kill her. OK? Don't.)
    (Still don't.)