Monday, 30 April 2012

APRIL A-Z 2012 'Approaching Zero' - ""

For APRIL A-Z 2012, I decided on a single theme. In fact, it's a single story, broken into 26 bite-sized chunks of precisely 100 words. Each day's instalment begins using a word starting with the current letter of the alphabet and ends with a word commencing with the letter for the following day.

I hope you liked it enough to look in each day and follow the story.....!
(new readers, please click back to 'A' to follow the plot!)

...and here's the final instalment.....!


…zero. Disaster loomed if the Duke of Windsor warned Hitler and his cohorts they’d been misled by London.

The suburban train pulled into the station near the Windsor’s villa. Mary Reynolds closed her eyes, thinking about home and a life she would never know again. Sorry Jack, she sighed; even ‘Evie’ was a lie.

As she stepped down from the train she knew her one-way mission was at an end. She was the fail-safe, the backstop; expendable.

A story that could never fully be revealed was at its deadly denouement and none would ever know she was a Royal assassin.

The End

(Dear reader, I hope you've enjoyed these little episodes around a purely fictional premise. Who knows, I may yet re-work it into a full-length novel! ;-p )


  1. Well done! Excellent theme. Beautifully executed and presented.

  2. Great ending and I'm sad to see it end. Hope you do decide to do something more with it.

  3. That was so great and the way all the words worked out was well done. Sue, I hope you do work it into a full novel...I'll read it!

  4. Great concept for the challenge. Well done for finishing.

  5. Loved it. A great ending to a super theme. Seems like you enjoyed writing it as much as we enjoyed reading it. :)

  6. Fab. Well done. So beautifully ended back at A. You crafted an excellent challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Thanks.

  7. Quality :-) Well done you

  8. Wow, I need to go back and read the rest! Cool so many of you tackled telling a story in twenty-six days.