Saturday, 28 April 2012

APRIL A-Z 2012 'Approaching Zero' - "...yesterday"

For APRIL A-Z 2012, I decided on a single theme. In fact, it's a single story, broken into 26 bite-sized chunks of precisely 100 words. Each day's instalment begins using a word starting with the current letter of the alphabet and ends with a word commencing with the letter for the following day.

I hope you like it enough to look in each day and follow the story.....!
(new readers, please click back to 'A' to follow the plot!)

'APPROACHING ZERO' Part 25 - '...yesterday.'

…yesterday. It was a flimsy alias David Windsor had employed to lure Jack in. Maybe HRH was more astute than he’d appeared; the once-reckless monarch who’d relinquished a kingdom, now prepared to protect himself by deadly means. If the Duke had realised he was being played for a fool he had to be stopped before he could communicate that to his friends in Berlin.

Evie tightened her fingers around Jack’s gun, concealed in her bag, prepared to do her duty and mused that she would indeed have to fulfil her final instructions as time ran out, her options approaching zero....

… be continued!


  1. I have finally caught up with all your posts and I have to say I really like Evie...she is one tough chick!
    Blessings, Joanne

  2. So nearly there, just been catching up :-) will she won't she? exciting ... Impressed by your idea I've written my own little A-Z :-) Will be back for Z

  3. Glen - yes, I noticed your A-Z, will be over to read it shortly!
    As for 'Z' here, the rules of the challenge (we get Sundays off) means you'll have to wIt until Monday for the finale!
    Thanks for coming back to see what Evie's up to! ;-)

  4. Will you be blogging all the episodes together after Monday? I've been reading each day but it would be good to have it all again in one go.

    1. Yes - I will post the whole story as one piece after the challenge!
      (I wonder if it will have the same impact?) ;-p

  5. I can't believe I just found your blog. Adding it to my reader list so I can catch up with your back posts.

    I did 10x10 flash fiction - ten sentences max, 100 work min. LOL!

  6. Intriguing
    can't wait for the finale