Tuesday, 27 March 2012

APRIL A-Z 2012 - it's the final countdown!

This time next week the A-Z 2012 challenge will be underway!

The - what?

Wait - you haven't heard? Get yourself over to the sign-up page, pronto!

This blog-fest is an excellent way to share what you get up to on your blog - be it cake-baking, story writing, flora, fauna, food, drink - the list is endless!

Whatever interests you might be of interest to others - besides, as you visit other bloggers in this bizarre bazaar you may come across kindred spirits and new interests!

Check it out and sign up - just one post a day on a different letter of the alphabet!

Sounds like hard work? OK, as time is running out why not pick up a dictionary and enlighten the rest of us with an unusual word each day - how easy is that?

Or, if you find you haven't enough time to organise your own posts, stick around and visit some of the blogs, you might pick up ideas for next year! And all of us bloggers like to read your comments, so we know who's called in!


.....it's the final countdown!


  1. Ugh, I keep trying to put this out of my head...I work better under pressure (another classic song) :P

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

  2. You're so darned PERKY this morning!
    Share some of that coffee of yours, will ya?
    (Grumble, grumble... thinking of 1,200 bloggers to visit and 26 posts and the alphabet and never sure what comes first, the q or the w.)

  3. well young lady....i wish you well(again!) in this endeavor:) since i'm leaving in the middle of April and won't return until late May, i won't be entering this year. i will say it was fun the first two years and a great way to meet new friends....including you!!!

  4. Hi Sue .. looks like it'll be a good year - see you during the A - Z challenge .. have fun - cheers for now -Hilary

  5. I guess there is no one to blame,
    we're leaving ground.
    Will things ever be the same again?

  6. Dammit. Thanks for the earworm.
    Doo do do dooo..do do doot do do....