Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Whittling down that pile...!

So, the 2012 'Off The Shelf' (click the linky-icon, top left of page) challenge is off to a flying start!

From the list of books I drew up, I decided to start with Steve Hamilton's 'A Cold Day In Paradise

Now that the Festive season is behind us and life is returning to something akin to 'normal' I'm hoping to set aside time to progress onwards from Chapter One, which is as far as I've managed when dropping wearily into bed.....!

Anyway, with the metaphorical crack of the starting pistol I'm off and running....

......and I'll post a review later! ;-)


  1. I haven't taken much time to read lately either. I just got a book by Alice Munro of short stories. The first one was great.

  2. Was able to read a little while on vacation, spent most of my time with the kids either at the theme parks or the resort pool

  3. And they are off... Happy New Year