Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Seasonal Salutation

Merry Christmas, everyone - an old story in a new format:

The weather outside might not be quite so frightful here in the Midlands, where we've been predicted a 'wet' rather than 'white' Christmas, but the fire in front of me is so delightful anyway! In a few minutes' pre-festive pause (actually, 'babysitting' recuperating daughter after operation #3!) I realise I haven't had time to write anything for a while - my wish for 2012 will be the return of the literary muse!

Instead, I came across some MIKE HARDING (no relation!) snippets on YouTube and this one seemed appropriate to the season.

I've been a fan of this comedian for years (even before I was a 'Harding', strangely enough!) but he's a great musician and writer, too, so there are another couple of clips to amuse and entertain - sadly I can't find my favourite: 'Quasimodo Meets the Virgin Mary' - the tale of a school Nativity play that had me in hysterics (and the rest of the staff at the school where I used to work!)

Anyway - hope you get time amidst the hubbub and chaos to enjoy the season - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

.....and I'll leave it to MH (no, not MY MH!) to have the last word:


  1. Thanks for the good wishes, Sue. Merry Christmas to you and your family and good wishes for your daughter's continuing recovery. Here's to a splendid New Year with lots of good writing.

  2. Thanks Paul & Yvette!

    Yvette - Miss H is recovering well but will be glad when she has new specs and can drive/work again :-/

  3. Hi Sue, nice to meet you! I'm catching you from your post at the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge Blog. I'm looking forward to reading more of you this year. See you there!
    Tina @ Life is Good