Sunday, 4 December 2011


I decided I really needed to have some incentive to reduce the TBR pile, so I've decided to join this challenge!

I decided not to be silly and go overboard and settled for aiming at Level 3 - 'Making a dint' (30 books). Of course, I shall cheat - because there will be a couple of books that I've previously started and not finished, for one reason or another; although I shall start each from the beginning again, in line with the spirit of the challenge.

I'll do a review on each as I finish it - just to keep me accountable! In the next day or so I'll compile a list, although I can't guarantee I'll read them in strict order according to said list!

Anyway - the challenge NOW is to clear the decks before 01/01/2012.....


  1. Good luck, my reading list has grown exponentially since I bought my Kindle. There are just so many free and very cheap books by "no name" authors. Add to that the pile of regular books I have beside my bed. I really should not buy, or acquire, another for a long time.