Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A Seasonal Salutation

Merry Christmas, everyone - an old story in a new format:

The weather outside might not be quite so frightful here in the Midlands, where we've been predicted a 'wet' rather than 'white' Christmas, but the fire in front of me is so delightful anyway! In a few minutes' pre-festive pause (actually, 'babysitting' recuperating daughter after operation #3!) I realise I haven't had time to write anything for a while - my wish for 2012 will be the return of the literary muse!

Instead, I came across some MIKE HARDING (no relation!) snippets on YouTube and this one seemed appropriate to the season.

I've been a fan of this comedian for years (even before I was a 'Harding', strangely enough!) but he's a great musician and writer, too, so there are another couple of clips to amuse and entertain - sadly I can't find my favourite: 'Quasimodo Meets the Virgin Mary' - the tale of a school Nativity play that had me in hysterics (and the rest of the staff at the school where I used to work!)

Anyway - hope you get time amidst the hubbub and chaos to enjoy the season - MERRY CHRISTMAS!

.....and I'll leave it to MH (no, not MY MH!) to have the last word:

Thursday, 15 December 2011

The List!

Gearing up for the 2012 'Off The Shelf' reading challenge, I've now come up with the 30 books I'd like to read next year.

In no particular order (certainly, as I finish one there will be a brief pause before I select the next!) they are, predictably, mostly crime/thrillers, but a few 'wild-cards' have crept in, too!

Frank Peretti - Monster
Linwood Barclay - No Time For Goodbye
R.J. Ellory - City of Lies
Gill McNeil - Needles & Pearls
Frederick Forsyth - The Afghan
Agatha Christie - Peril At End House
Agathe Christie - Cards On The Table
Jack Higgins - Day Of Judgement
Jack Higgins - Dark Justice
Jack Higgins - The Thousand Faces Of Night
Alan Titchmarsh - Mr McGregor's Garden
Ben Brown - Sand Stealers
Alex Brennan - The Ghost Agent
Simon Kernick - A Good Day To Die
Kyle Mills - Burn Factor
Alex Scarrow - Last Light
Peter James - Dead Mans Grip
Peter James - Not Dead Enough
Mark Billingham - Bloodline
Mark Billingham - In The Dark
Ted Dekker - Bone Man's Daughter
Lee Child - Bad Luck And Trouble
Steve Alten - The Mayan Prophecy
Scott Marian - Lost Relic
Adrian Magson - No Kiss For The Devil
Steve Hamilton - A Cold Day In Paradise
Steve Hamilton - Winter Of The Wolf Moon
Jeff Abbot - Panic
Michael Connelly - The Black Echo
Michael Connelly - The Black Ice

So there you have it - I'll try and do reviews as I go, wish me luck!

Sunday, 4 December 2011


I decided I really needed to have some incentive to reduce the TBR pile, so I've decided to join this challenge!

I decided not to be silly and go overboard and settled for aiming at Level 3 - 'Making a dint' (30 books). Of course, I shall cheat - because there will be a couple of books that I've previously started and not finished, for one reason or another; although I shall start each from the beginning again, in line with the spirit of the challenge.

I'll do a review on each as I finish it - just to keep me accountable! In the next day or so I'll compile a list, although I can't guarantee I'll read them in strict order according to said list!

Anyway - the challenge NOW is to clear the decks before 01/01/2012.....