Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Bedside Books

We have so many books (SO MANY BOOKS!) in our house that it makes going to the library a liability. Yet, I will still frequent said book repository because, as the saying goes: 'use it, or lose it' and I still have former colleagues and acquaintances there clinging onto their jobs by the skin of their teeth, thanks to budget cuts!

However, there are still a good many un-read books awaiting my attention at home - the picture above gives a selection on my bedside table (this was culled recently and all the 'read' ones returned to their homes on the bookshelves.....
....just a few of the books....and bottles of beer! There's bookcases and shelves in every
room but this makes good use of the 'dead space' on the turn of the stairs)

But, back to the title of this post - currently I'm reading Simon Kernick's 'The Last 10 Seconds' and reacquainting myself with some of the recurring character's in Mr Kernick's books, in this case DI Tina Boyd. I'm only a few chapters in but I'm already relaxing back into Kernick's style of writing and enjoying that 'come hither' twist with which he frequently ends his scenes - it's a struggle to close the book and put out the light!

Stacked up at the back are the next in the pile - top, Pam Jennoff's 'The Officer's Lover'; John Nichol's 'Exclusion Zone' and Peter James' 'Not Dead Enough'.

I've read some of Pam Jennoff's other books and loved the time frame (WW2 and following) but this one 'The Officers's Lover' (also known as 'Almost Home') is set more in the Cold War era - we'll see how that goes.

Former RAF pilot John Nichol's 'Exclusion Zone' has bite and grit and his real-life insight as a former POW carries a lot of punch. I've read this before but I'm looking forward to it again.

Peter James' 'Not Dead Enough' will be a delight - renewing my acquaintance with DS Roy Grace. I've read others in this series (all have the word 'Dead' in the title!) but not in sequence. (I don't always have the discipline to read chronologically and if I see a newer title I'll buy it and stuff the sequential reading. Keeps you on your toes when plot lines straddle books, but then there's that 'Oh, NOW I understand' moment when regressive reading pulls everything into focus!)

So, there you have it.....oh, yes, that one poking out from underneath 'The Last 10 Seconds'? Well, that's me paying lip-service to 'chick-lit' - Gil McNeil's 'Needles & Pearls', the sequel to 'Diva's Don't knit'. I picked both books up in a secondhand bookshop in Hay-On-Wye and have to confess I thought it would be mindless reading, the equivalent of a cosy cup of hot chocolate before bed - but, I found myself wanting to know what happened to Jo McKenzie and her eclectic happenings when she takes on a wool shop and moves her now fatherless sons to the seaside....


  1. Now that's the amount of reading a real writer does! Ah well - does The Metro count?

  2. I have all kinds of books that I need to read but just haven't gotten to it yet..

  3. I'm looking forward to you reading Not Dead Enough, it's the one that has me as a character in it! I don't think i'll be hard for you to spot, i spent months reassuring people that i hadn't lost part of my finger... :)

  4. Now here I thought I read quite a bit and I didn't recognize any of those authors!

    mumble mumble mumble


  5. I'm not familiar with any of those books that you mentioned, but I so relate to your opening thoughts. In fact my Monday post on Tossing It Out will be related to this very subject.

    The Roswell Story continues on Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/19/11

  6. Same here, Sue. Books everywhere I can fit them. It's like an obstacle course sometimes. :) I have bookcases in every room except the bathroom. (Moisture is an enemy of books.) But I'm tempted.