Thursday, 6 October 2011

Thursday @ 3 - 'STELLA BY STARLIGHT'

Hurriedly put together this week - away from home and with limited WiFi access!

Hope you like it enough to comment! (comment even if you don't like it, anyway!)


She was always a classy broad. I remember the trail of broken hearts she left behind her. Then when she took up with the boss it wasn’t only broken hearts; it was broken fingers, broken legs, even a few fatal ‘accidents'.

You quickly learned you could ‘look’ but not ‘touch’. If the boss was around you made sure you weren’t seen doing that, even. Jealousy sure is a bad thing, but coupled with a possessive nature it sealed Stella’s fate.

It was the Spring of ’31; Stella was getting noticed around the back alley joints as a real looker. Add to that her voice and it’s no wonder it didn’t take long before she came to the boss’s attention. And he liked what he saw.

He dressed her in furs, draped her in jewels and they were seen at all the best places in town. That’s when she realised she was snared – Eddie Sladen always got what he paid for.

Poor kid. I remember sneaking out back to get some fresh air – the joint was heaving that night, prohibition or not, cologne and whiskey distilled into a heady atmosphere. That’s when I noticed her propped against a wall, a delicate trail of smoke curling from the cigarette holder in her hand, shoulders shaking as she sobbed.

What’s a guy to do? She just about broke my heart, too, that night. I threw her the keys and pointed to the car. Even in the starlight she was beautiful, despite the smeared makeup and puffy eyes. She smiled and blew me a kiss before she wobbled unsteadily into the night. That was the last I saw of her.

They fished her body out of the river the next morning. The boss didn’t even wait until the end of the week before he had a gold-digging bitch hanging off his arm but I didn’t say anything; thanks to Stella I had a broken heart already and I planned on keeping everything else intact.


  1. How wonderful to find someone else who knits and writes...

    Looks like you excel at both as well...xx

  2. Totally cool story! Had that noir style like David Barber likes to write.

    Hope you like it enough to comment!

    My schedule has been a pain lately, I missed the Friday Flash Fiction deadline and haven't been commenting as much as I would have liked.

    I hope this weekend is better.

  3. very nicely told - totally fits the time it is set in

  4. Well crafted story Sue, You left me wanting more which is always good though frustrating.

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  6. Excellent, Sue. This one could be expanded, I think. Somebody needs to avenge Stella.