Saturday, 3 September 2011

....just putting you on 'hold'....

Sorry, folks - the return was brief but I'm having to suspend things once again!

This time it's not due to technical difficulties, but a family member has health issues and so I'll be spending a fair amount of time dealing with that and won't have time to do much blog reading and writing for the next few weeks.

So this is just by way of letting you know that I haven't disappeared off the planet and neither am I totally ignoring you!

Hope to be back soon - until then, have fun, chaps!

(oh golly - now I feel really old - I remember having to work a switchboard exactly like the one in the pic!)


  1. Hi Sue, sorry to hear this. I hope all turns out well. XX

    My auntie worked on a switchboard. I love the hairdos! :) Take care.

  2. Good luck Sue and I hope it all works out for your family.

  3. It is kind of you to help when someone is sick. I hope they will be well soon. See you later.

  4. Hi Sue .. I hope all will go well and you won't have too many difficulties - all the best and thinking of you .. see you when you're ready to return.

    Many thoughts - Hilary

  5. will be praying for your family member

  6. Thankyou all for your good wishes. My daughter had major (unexpected!) eye surgery on Friday - now I'm playing nursemaid with a regime of different drugs and drops to administer! (and trying to run two homes at the same time!)

    We are at the start of a very long journey of recovery, with more surgery to come - waft your good thoughts and vibes thisaway, if you please ;-)

  7. Hope everything is ok, and you'll be missed here but real life comes first. Take care and i look forwrad to seeing you back here before we know it!

  8. I will keep your daughter in my prayers.
    Blessings, Joanne

  9. Go do what you need to do - We'll still be here whan you get back :-)