Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Interruption of service

There may be an interruption to my blogging - my laptop is being very 'difficult' (it may actually be in its death throes) so I may have to resort to the old (virtually hand-cranked!) PC for further communication! If I can't get laptop sorted I will have to raid the piggy bank -

- but, I'LL BE BACK!!!!



  1. That sucks about your laptop. Hope you are back soon.

  2. Hope you can get it fixed! My computer is on the way out too...maybe we can have a double funeral!
    Blessings, Joanne

  3. See you soon, kiddo. Hope it all works out! I hate computer blues.
    Well, I hate any kind of blues, actually. :)

  4. I hope it gets fixed really really fast....I hate computer problems....

  5. All files recovered from laptop - intermittent 'life' on there but seizes up and won't switch off!

    So going laptop-shopping later in the week. Currently 'trading water' in web-land via trusty iPhone and old (VERY OLD!) PC - a bit slow, but gets there eventually!

    Hopefully 'normal' service will be resumed by the weekend! ;-)

  6. (that should be 'treading water' - see, five days 'off' and I can't type!)

  7. Hey the kiddo:)

    One more week and I will be out of jail and free again! Company will be vacating! Will be around again and hopefully can get back into a writing routine of sorts! Too bad about your PC woes.

  8. they all die sometime..sorry about that. Was looking for your tatoo photo.