Sunday, 7 August 2011

The August Break 2011 - Day 7

Hacking back an invasive Buddleia I discovered this stem of Crocosmia, hidden in the mini 'jungle' by the shed and obscured by ornamental grasses. Now, I recall, there was quite a clump of it once upon a time - nice to see it's still hanging in there (just about!), so I shall have to do a little judicious pruning of the grasses and other shrubs and let this little gem shine!


  1. Lovely, Sue.

    By the way I had to put my Award at the very bottom of the blog because of its width. Didn't want you to think I wasn't getting with the program. :)

  2. What find Sue. Good thing you were not hacking too viciously or you might have chopped it down.

  3. Well, Sue, I managed to figure out how to reduce the Liebster and now it's proudly showing on my right sideboard. :)