Thursday, 21 July 2011

Thursday @ 3 - "Paying the Price"

A sombre tale, today, inspired by reading this. At least in this part of the globe we still have freedom of speech and also the freedom to practice faith - but for how long?


I can see the grey and white clouds through the cracked and grimy glass beyond the bars at the window. It’s morning again, but I have no idea what day it is. The passage of time has become an enigma to me, disrupted by their relentless interrogation; endless hours standing, being kept awake – the pleasure of that sensation of falling into oblivion violently ripped from me with water or pain.

Sometimes I think that I have indeed slipped into blessed oblivion and that this is merely a nightmare I shall awaken from and hear familiar sounds, smell the aromas of distant cooking, feel the warmth of my wife sleeping next to me.

The cold, rough dampness of the wall at my back assures me this is no nightmare and the salt of my tears bites into the cuts and sores that they have inflicted. An obtuse thought strikes me that the saline qualities of those tears may serve as a simple remedy to infection; even in the midst of despair there is something positive.

The scudding clouds have moved and there is a wisp of blue beyond; a simple pleasure bringing hope amidst the grey depression of Sung Fui jail and all its horrors.

Reluctantly, I close my eyes and begin my morning devotions. It is hard to give thanks in my current situation but I cling to life, such as it is, praying for the strength to endure and hoping for a better tomorrow. And I am not alone, for the physical pain and deprivation cannot take from me what is hidden in my heart and my mind and I long for home.

There is little joy in paying the price for daring to express my faith, but I would do it again – how could I do otherwise?


  1. I often think of Joseph, Paul, Peter and the people during the Inquisition. I wonder if my faith would hold strong.

  2. Always proud and GLAD to be an American.

  3. The picture compliments your writing beautifully - very real and poignant. Well done:)