Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday @ 3 - "3x3 re-run"

Sorry folks, time's just got away from me (preparing to do some DIY ) and I haven't had time to create anything 'new' for this week. :-(

However, as I was trawling through the 'virtual' filing cabinet I came across a few previously aired mini-stories - each 100 words or less. So, to satisfy the 300-word limit of 'Thursday@3' here's three to keep you going!

Apologies if you've seen them before - but I think they bear another look! (hope to be back on track next week - assuming the decorating's finished!)

First off, a little walk on the wild side - all in the line of duty!


If I don’t go soon I’ll lose my nerve. I could murder a stiff drink but I’m on duty. Damn, these shoes hurt, but I have to admit the five-inch heels sculpt my calves into something almost shapely.

Colin nods towards me and releases the catch, easing open the van door. He blows me a kiss earning him a scowl as I step out into the darkened alleyway.

As I cross the road and walk away I know I’m being watched. I hope they’re ready to act. It’s no fun being the Vice Squad decoy, especially when you’re in drag.


Next up - it ain't over until well after the last echoes of the 'fat lady singing' are just whispers:


The Devil rubbed his hands in glee, as he watched the city fat-cats who lusted after profit.

Mankind, like Cinderella with amnesia, stumbled through the wreckage of history, unaware that life didn’t need to be this way; that there was an alternative. But Beelzebub bred his evil into their lives, a mongrel strain that twisted and warped their values.

Back in the Garden it had been so easy to deceive, he thought. Yet a disturbing unease that was not of his making tightened around the Prince of Darkness.

It started as the first bowl of wrath hit the earth!


Finally, proof that not all animals are 'dumb'?


The goat smiled. If people left their stuff lying around and it got trashed that was their look-out. He licked his lips and swallowed, then bent down to munch another page.

Mmmmm….. ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’. He loved quality books; so much more to get his teeth into, and looking further into the bag there were other Tolkien goodies for ‘afters’.

He idly wondered how many rain forests had been pulped to satisfy the reading masses then froze in horror as a thin volume slipped out of the bag – “101 Goat Stew Recipes”.

Suddenly he wasn’t hungry anymore.


  1. I loved these, they whet my appetite for more. The one about the Devil was chilling.

  2. The first one was funny. The second chilling. The third sobering. :)

    I like the third one's title too:


  3. Night Shift is a fine twist. Great to flip the reader in so few words.