Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cats v Dogs?

As a lifelong dog owner/lover I find myself surprisingly smitten by my daughter's new feline 'companion' - Amber (or Ms Amber-cat Purrs-a-lot, as DD refers to her!).

Amber was re-homed via Cats Protection and has some vision impairment, so she is not an outside/predatory cat - however she seems to adore sitting halfway up the stairs poking her head through the bannisters so she can 'spy out' the rest of the house!

Companion animals have a great scope to give comfort by their presence and entertainment in their sometimes peculiar behaviour but which are the funniest - cats or dogs?

Perhaps these two clips might help you make up your mind - well, they'll have you chuckling, anyway!


  1. Great videos, I even watched a few more!

  2. those videos were absolutely funny!!! had i not seen the kitten crawling under the door, a cat playing ping pong and the cat using a toilet and getting the toilet paper afterward....i would NOT have believed it.

    love the dog video too. especially the end!!!

    thanks for brightening my day sis:) i needed it.

  3. Spock the Cat at my house likes to knock items off tables and counter tops, usually late at night, and pays special attention to drinking glasses that still have liquid inside. It can be a real mess.

    I also believe Spock knocked my daughter's old pair of eye glasses off her nightstand then carried them off.

  4. cute puss. I'm deffo a cat man, dogs just don't cut it.

  5. Videos were great, but I will forever be a DOG person.

  6. Amber says thankyou for making her famous :p
    I still utterly love dogs too. Pets, yay!

    (and the videos were great ;)

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