Thursday, 16 June 2011

Thursday @ 3 - "Ruby Slipper Stand-off"

There are more than a few nods towards one of my favourite films in this little piece for this week's 'Thursday@3' - and it's not the first time it's captured my imagination either, with reference to a previous story

Anyway, at 300 words it's bang on the money.......


When that bull-horn sounded and Zeke broke cover I knew things weren’t right. I don’t recall changing sides as being part of the plan and I have more than a sneaking suspicion we’re not in Kansas any more.

Perhaps the notion of streets paved with gold is as phoney as that yellow brick road, but the words ‘big city’ and ‘bright lights’ drew me here. That, and Zeke telling me there were rich pickings for anyone willing to take a risk at ‘Green, Gale & West Investments’.

But, when he pulled the gun on me I didn’t stop to argue; I just logged on with my password and called up the stock portfolio. I never knew he could type so fast one-handed, but then I was more preoccupied with working out if he knew how to use the weapon he was still pointing in the general direction of the rest of the staff and at me in particular.

Someone must have tripped the silent alarm because all too soon the steadily growing discordant tones of sirens and screeching brakes announced the arrival of several squad cars. Then the loud, electronic echo urged us to give up and come out with our hands held high.

Zeke didn’t even flinch. Cool. I’ll give him that.

“Pay no attention to the men beyond the blinds,” he muttered, his eyes never leaving the screen as he manipulated funds into his own off-shore petty-cash tin.

He’s heartless. This whirlwind romance was a mistake, anyone with half a brain could see that and if I had the courage I’d knock that gun out of his hand

So here I am, sitting under a desk metaphorically clicking my heels with New York’s finest lined up outside, wondering just what will happen when the balloon goes up?


  1. Oh my, this is off the hook. Hot hot hot. Oh and b.t.w I really want to nominate you for the powerful writer award which I will do as soon as you claim the one I have to dish out today. Please head on over to my blog....Hugs

  2. Clever nod to one of the best movies ever.

    Tossing It Out

  3. Wow! So much action in so few words. Churchill's Battle of Britain quote springs to mind, Sue! :)