Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Light Relief and Laughs!

Working on this week's F3 story ( a 'Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis' inspired tale) I was thinking about Jerry Lewis' voice and you know how your mind runs off at a tangent.......well, I got to thinking about Stan Freberg and some of his comedy sketches.

Here's a couple of my favourites, with a 'Jerry Lewis' sound-alike called Daws Butler. Those of you old enough to remember LAPD's 'Joe Friday' and the radio police procedural series 'Dragnet' (I was rockin' in my crib at the time!) will have more than a little fun with this! And yes, there are some of the original 'Joe Friday' catchphrases woven in!

So, thanks to Youtube - here's 'St. George and the Dragonet' and 'Little Blue Riding Hood'.


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