Thursday, 26 May 2011

Thursday @ 3 - "Rhapsody in Red"

Back again with another little tale - this one concerns three characters, but only one speaks!

Bang on target at exactly 300 words, some of you may have come across Paul Hollis before....enjoy!


Melody and mayhem; that’s about the size of it. When I’m out on the 'day' job I have to concentrate; I’m restricted by professional formalities, codes of conduct, that sort of thing.

Here in the lab, however, I can relax a little and let my hair down, metaphorically speaking of course. The years have taken their toll on a hairline that has receded far over my head. I’m a long way from the young Paul Hollis, fresh-faced student of decay, detritus and all aspects of forensic medicine.

Anyway like I said, when I’m here alone working on 'personal' projects after-hours it’s pretty much my ball game, so – on with the music. I like the creative energy and no-one argues with my choice; it’s just me and the cadavers.

Stripping out veins is a particularly intricate job, so I like the steady rhythms to keep me on task. Especially with this particular case. There’s such a satisfaction in seeing a job through to the bitter end, don’t you agree?

Mervyn, here, for instance: start to finish it’s been three weeks, from initial consultation to administering the lethal compounds and his subsequent demise.

Of course, there was a slight delay which caused a minor complication as I found myself with divided loyalties. Felicity wasn’t at all as Mervyn had led me to believe. In fact, I found her quite.... intoxicating. Enough to change sides.

So, it’s poor Mervyn on the slab instead. I have the money he paid up front as well as the wife he planned to have despatched, together with her delightful trust fund. That’s what tipped the balance.

Meanwhile, the tempo’s rising to a crescendo of over-the-top drumbeats and sweeping arpeggios and as the table runs crimson it’s a mixture of Gershwin and gore; a rhapsody in red, not blue.

Paul Hollis has appeared before in 'ON THE JOB' and 'ALL IN THE DETAIL'


  1. That Mr. Hollis is a nasty bit of bloke, isn't he? Nasty in a good way.. as long as I'm not the one getting my veins stripped. Although I do have some fat blue varicose babies that could use a dismissive wave of his scalpel. Great story, Sue!!!

  2. Paul Hollis is just my kind of Character. Your blog is really impressive Sue, crammed with great stuff. I've got to pull myself away now, but I will be back.

  3. Nice tempo to this piece, Sue. I'm looking forward to hearing more tales featuring Mr. Hollis...fresh-faced or otherwise.

  4. There's very much a dark side to you, Sue - and you portray it brilliantly through your writing.

    I need to remind myself to stay on your good side! :)