Monday, 9 May 2011

Bridport Prize 2011!

Just a few weeks left to enter the Bridport Prize short fiction and poetry competition!

It's not just about the money (but that can't be ignored!) - winning entries will be included in the annual anthology - read the success stories!

Entry fee is £5 per flash fiction, £6 per poem or £7 per story (open to international entrants - see the website for entry charges)

SHORT STORIES: 1st prize = £ 5000 (approx. 8000 US$, 5900 € )
POEMS: 1st Prize = £ 5000 (approx. 8000 US$, 5900 €)
FLASH FICTION: 1st Prize =£ 1000 (approx. 1600 US$, 1180 €)

Closing date 30th June 2011.(24.00 MIdnight GMT)

I'm up for it - are you?


  1. Already put my entry in! First time i've entered it. I have everything crossed already...

  2. Well done - and good luck! I have yet to decide on which pieces to enter....!

  3. I checked the website, Sue. They don't mention what the fee is in dollars. What am I missing? I'd love to enter. Dream big. That's my motto. :)

  4. Yvette - if you go to the side bar on the website and click on 'rules' it deals with overseas payments there. Good luck with your entry!

  5. Good luck on a new challenge for you :)


    I have an award for you :) Be sure to snatch it up and YAY!!!

  6. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Good suggestions.

  7. Just testing - is Blogger really back?

  8. Hi Sue .. well I've lost one comment lst night, but I published from my email .. so now go into the comment box in my dashboard and authorise them from there.

    Good for you .. sounds a fun competition to enter - sincerely hope you do really well ..

    Cheers and enjoy Sunday .. Hilary