Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Belated hopping of the blogs! I've recovered from A-Z busyness I realised I didn't load the 'hop code'! (actually, I did try on Sunday but it didn't seem to want to work, and then 'normal' life has taken over so I'm just getting around to it, now!)

Anyway, my bloggy friends, I hope to get round to a few more of you now. Many thanks to all who've dropped by here already - I will get to you, I promise!!


  1. Blog hop? I am intrigued...
    Explain please! :) xxx

    (I can see myself clicking on a few of the above and disappearing way a way down the rabbit hole...ah well, no other plans for the evening... ;)

  2. Sue you are 5 hits from 10k what a milestone for you! I'm on the list at #93!

  3. Tag! I tagged you in my last post!