Saturday, 30 April 2011

Z is for.....'ZERO HERO' (flash fiction)

So, we approach the finishing line! The April A-Z challenge is complete - wasn't sure I'd make it to the end, but here we are: 'Z'-day!

I've seen a lot of blogs and met some new and interesting bloggers on the journey - I'll save most of my comments for the May 2nd 'post-mortem' on Arlee Bird's blog!

I have to say, I admire those who had a theme and carried it through the full 26 letters - I just had an eclectic mix of fact, fiction and fancy! (although, I did consider writing 26 new stories.....maybe next time!)

I had planned a few other ideas for 'Z' but a couple of days ago I woke up with the word 'Zero' in my head. It rhymed with 'hero' and my brain went off on a, to end my A-Z challenge, I decided to create one more piece of flash fiction. Here you go!


It’s times like these you always get that itch you want to scratch. Like the itch I feel right now, around my nose. No amount of facial gymnastics seems to want to shift it. No. It’s hanging in there, right until the bitter end.

I would scratch it, oh, how I’d love to, but my hands are kinda 'busy' right at this moment. runs disappears around the back...

No good; gotta deal with this scratch. If I move slowly perhaps I can raise my shoulder and.....ah, that’s better! Phew! Right, let’s see what’s happening around the back.

Hmmm....that’s interesting! Now, are you a real 'dummy' wire, or are you just pretending? Gotta make up my mind - the clock’s ticking, literally.

Not that I can hear it, mind you; all I can hear is the whooshing sound in my ears as my heart pumps blood around my body. Surprisingly, it’s beating its monotonous, regular rhythm; strong and steady. Until I make a mistake, that is. Then, I think there’ll be an altogether different sound. Let’s not go there, shall we?

Cutting it fine, Jack. Going right to the wire. Again. Yup. Fifth time in a row. That’s why they call me the ‘Zero Hero’. Hah! They really think I wanna dice with death and hang about until the last minute before I pull the wire? I could say those last few times I just got lucky, is all. Lucky that I pulled the right wires in the nick of time and the bomb didn’t go off. But I don’t think of it as luck. When it’s my time to go, I’ll be ready.

‘Knock, knock, knockin’ on heaven’s door....” Thankyou, Mr Dylan, I don’t need you buzzing in my head right now. Not that knocking on heaven’s door is such a bad thing – I’m prepared – it’s the messy business of dying that bothers me. Especially in my line of work.

Man, this one’s a real doozy. Well, I can’t wait, lives depend on it. Me? I’m on borrowed time already; I’ve used up more ‘lives’ than your average cat.

Here goes.

Red, I win; black, I -

Phew.....don’t die today.

Seems You still have more for me to do in this life, God? Catch you later, then!


  1. congratulations Sue!:)

    and to think you finished it without a bang! but i prefer it when the hero dies at the end. lol especially in movies. then we don't have sequels to contend with. but i'm glad you're still going to be around!

  2. What a great off the cuff story. You have a highly creative mind Sue. I am sorry to see the challenge end but I am glad I met people like you along the way. I will still be stopping by often. Take care!

  3. haha well done. Yay for Z :)

  4. well done on making it! I've really enjoyed reading your a-z :) xxx

  5. Sue, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  6. Great story for Z! I'm going back and reading a few more now that I am home.

  7. Hi Sue - I grew up in Andover Massachusetts and also lived in York Beach and East Boothbay Maine. But my long-time association is mainly with Andover - my parents lived there for more than 50 years. You?

  8. Yes, a terrific Z story: short and sweet, especially since the no one dies at the end. Ha! I love that you did a variety of posts for the Alphabet thing, Sue. You did a great job!

  9. Well done, Sue. You made it!

  10. Now this is a slice of life. And the blase' tone is perfect.