Friday, 29 April 2011

Y is for.....Yarn

Yarns interest me - both the 'physical' stuff (as in knitting, etc) and also in the sense of 'storytelling'! ;-)

Silly though it sounds, I can go quite weak at the knees when allowed to roam around yarn stores! On a recent trip to Maine, my daughter and I (and one of the cousins we were staying with!) visited Tess Designer Yarns - an amazing emporium of what I can only describe as 'yarn-heaven'!
It was a veritable feast for the eyes with rich and jewelled hues of cascading yarns! See what I mean:

....and down the next aisle it was:
It was a very cold day and the dear lady was about to shut up shop but allowed us in. An hour and a half later, we took our leave. (We won't go into exactly how much $$'s exchanged hands.......but the bags were bulging when we finally left!)

My own yarn 'stash' (believe me, every knitter has one!) has now been 'corralled' from it's various repositories (in bags and boxes, in cupboards and sheds) and re-housed in my 'newly accquired' craft room (aka son's former bedroom!) in large see-though plastic crates (so I can see instantly what goodies are in there!)

But I'm not quite as bad as this:
....and that's only part of what must surely be the
world's largest private yarn stash

As to the 'other' kind of yarn (the literary one) well, daughter and I have a dream of opening a bookshop/woolshop/teashop - three different 'bites' at the cherry would seem to be a viable prospect in these days of businesses failing due to the recession. We have it all planned (in our minds, anyway!) so that as well as opening during the day for purchasing, we'd have it open in the evenings as a venue for writers' and book groups, storytellers and poetry slams ......and what else could we call it but.....


Oh well, we can dream can't we?

(investors walk this way, if you please!)


  1. Oh yes very weak at the knees. I get like that when I enter the big craft shop in the city. Everything is just so beautiful. I hope your dream comes true :) It sounds wonderful.

  2. Interesting yarn about yarn. If you're yearning to open a store like you've described hope you study well the business model of those businesses that have failed recently. A new and different approach might work if it conforms well with your marketing area, but something like that can be a real risk.

    Hope you'll join us for The A to Z Challenge Reflections Post on Monday May 2nd.


  3. I like to crochet and love different yarns. I hope you can have a store some day.

  4. Yarns - a VERY clever choice for Y, Sue. Love the photos! Even though I don't knit, I love looking at the yarns and the rainbows of colors,

  5. Would it be a certain Mr M Palin that might have issue over the name of your new Emporium, Sue? :)

  6. I just want to run my fingers through all that wonderful yarn.