Monday, 18 April 2011

O is for 'On Ice' (flash fiction)

After a very busy weekend I'm faced with what to provide for the letter 'O' - so forgive me if I delve into some stuff I had stashed away!

I wrote this short piece of fiction (366 words) just over a year ago for a weekly fiction challenge. The requirement was to use, in any random order, the words SCULPTURE, CULTURE, CULT & COHESIVE and create a story.

The term 'hell hath no fury like a woman scorned' came to mind - but this time, a little role reversal, perhaps? Hope you enjoy this (purely!) fictional account!


‘Ice Sculpture for Beginners.’ That’s what the sign said on the notice board. It had seemed a bit 'off the wall' but I thought – why not?

When Marilyn had said I ought to do something with my spare time, I expect she had something rather worthy in mind. “Join an art class,” she had suggested. What she really meant was “Get a bit of culture, you ignorant bum!”

Ever since she’d signed up for a literary course at the local college she’d changed. Now she was more interested in meeting up with her new social circle of friends at her book club. They seemed to congregate in coffee shops and wax lyrical about the latest book, picking it to pieces and psycho-analysing the author’s writing style, digging deep to find issues that probably weren’t there in the first place.

If you ask me, it’s almost like a cult – the cult of ‘let’s pick the book to pieces and forget about whether we enjoyed it or not’.

Me? Oh, I like to read, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I like to be entertained – I don’t need to be constantly looking for subtext, I just want to escape into someone else’s fantasy.

So, she reads; I chip away at blocks of ice.

It was meant to make us more cohesive; give us something more to talk about. When you’ve been married as long as we have you’ve just about run out of something new to say to each other.

Except – she didn’t want to hear about controlling ice-drips or fractures. On the other hand, she expected me to listen to her incessant babble about how she’d scored points over one of the other literary snobs.

Well, she's missed her last couple of club meetings, but I don’t think they’ll notice. Some new Queen Bee will assume her place, I'm sure.

So, now I have her undivided attention. Now she’s ready to understand; to listen to what I have to say. Let’s get this baby rollin’. She’s been in the deep freeze long enough.

A little remodelling, Marilyn? Last week we did something new in ice-sculpting – did I ever tell you about the hazards of chainsaw kickback?


  1. hehe you've got a thing for chainsaws :) Great read.

  2. ooh, that's cold! I liked this one because it expressed some of my own feelings about dissecting literature that way it is sometimes done. Clever little piece of work with a nice twist.

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  3. Enjoyed this first time out and it's always nice to see a good piece of writing re-surface! Well done, Young Lady! :-)

  4. Every year in Canada, they have an ice sculpture completion. The things that they come up with for entries are amazing. Great story.

  5. Well, it was the first time for me and very intriguing!!! on many layers actually!
    nice work, Sue!

  6. I think ice sculpture is fascinating -- but chain saws allow the imagination to soar!

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