Wednesday, 13 April 2011

K is for .....Knitting

I learned to knit as a child, having excellent role models in my Mother, Aunt and Grandmother. In those days it was not so much about ‘fashion’ as ‘frugality’!

Over the years I've tried knitting most things - I knitted baby clothes as and when they were required for work colleagues and friends and when my own babies arrived they had their fair share of ‘picture’ jumpers!

Also a 'Thomas the Tank Engine' for my son - he had a TT plastic shape-sorter that he would try to take to bed, so I measured it up and recreated it in wool - much more snuggly.
Recently, when my Great nephew was born, (named Thomas, of course!) I decided to create TT#2 - much to my son's horror! (he's 24, for goodness sake - you'd think I'd given his original away!)

As a joke, I knitted a pair of 'ruby slippers' for my 'Wizard of Oz'-mad daughter, in sparkly red 'eyelash' yarn, complete with anti-slip soles especially for the laminate flooring in her flat!

A couple of years ago I decided to have a go at sock knitting.
I read on a lot of knitting forums that once you knit socks that’s all you seem to ever knit. Rubbish, I thought. Now, with a drawer full of knitted foot-apparel, I can see why!! (no seams to sew and just the cast-on and cast-off ends to darn in!)

I frequently have several projects on the ‘go’ - currently: baby clothes for a Chinese orphanage, a jacket for myself, a pair of socks (something easy to take to ‘knitting club’!), and my son wants a hat with earflaps!!

Knitting is a great way of freeing my mind to think through plots – if I’m not knitting, then I’m usually writing, often crime/thriller fiction. This earned me the nickname ‘Knitting Assassin' (thankyou David Barber!) and by way of a tie-in, here’s a knitting-themed short story 'Stitch and Bitch' - hope you enjoy it!

Now, where did I put those needles.......? ;-p


  1. My post for k is also knitting. It will be interesting to see how many of them pop up. My post focused on how I got to knitting. And I did pictures too.

    Loved your post.

  2. wow you're a brilliant knitter! I havent knitted for years. I love the socks, they're gorgeous. :)

  3. I've always loved knitting and got away from it for awhile, when my hands would't hold the needles, as well. But, I've since discovered Knifty Knitter and can make all the garments I want with no problems. Have the plastic type and made my own wooden ones for finer work. It's a great mind-freeing exercise.

    Hello, fellow A-Z Challenger! Here's my latest
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    J is for Jerry-Rigged -
    K is for Kitchen Konvenience -

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  4. My mother tried and tried to get even one of her daughters to knit. We all failed miserably.

  5. hi Elaine:)

    why is it i'm not surprised? i can't believe how many knitters are in this challenge!

    my grandmother knitted mittens and wool socks and they were the best! my mother in law knitted a sweater for me:)

    is that your tattoo????????????????

  6. No other word in the English dictionary had a chance with 'K' did they? My mum's a knitter and we have evidence somewhere of the 'dodgy' jumpers she made us wear when we were kids with our names on!! (my sister, brother and I) Ha!!

    The're welcome! :-)

  7. I want a pair of ruby slippers!!!! LOL Those are awesome! I learned how to do the VERY basics enough to make a few wonky scarves as Christmas gifts. I would LOVE to learn and practice more (when some of this other stuff I'm wrapped up in, well. wrapped up!) and make sweaters and knitted toys and such! What a wonderful talent you have!

  8. RK - I shall head on over to read your 'K' entry

    Nkki - like I said, socks are sooooo easy - wanna pair?

    a sojourner - no, it's not my tattoo (but if I was to get one this might tempt me!) although I have adopted the sentiment it depicts!

    Mr Barber - well, of course, I have you to thank for giving me the nickname Knitting Assassin which I use as my moniker on another reading forum - but it was also the inspiration for the story I linked to in this post! ;-)

    Jenny - I'd happily make you a pair of 'ruby' slippers - or send you the instructions! Let me know!

  9. What fun creations! I see that your inventiveness is not confined to fiction!

  10. I am in awe of your talent! Are socks actually easy? O.o Can you tell I don't knit? :)

  11. I love knitting but I do more crocheting now. It's easier to carry around.

  12. Wow, you're a wonderful knitter, Sue. I wish I had the patience. My daughter's mother-in-law is also a great knitter and crocheter (is that a word?) - oh, you know what I mean. I love those ruby slippers and the socks and the Thomas train. FUN!

  13. Would you be offended if I said "You're a great knit!" Sue? :-P