Tuesday, 12 April 2011

J is for........ (Peter) James

As I've already said, I'm partial to 'Police procedural' novels and one of my favourite exponents of this genre is Peter James.

His series featuring Detective Superintendant Roy Grace have held me in thrall - but thankfully I still have one or two to read before I catch up with Mr James' current output!

The 'Grace' books are set in and around Brighton - which makes reading them very interesting as it's a place I'm familiar with, so there's the added mental stimulus of being able to accurately 'picture' the settings of the various scenes.

I love the way Peter James draws out the story line, seeing the crime from several viewpoints - victim, perpetrator and investigator.

An added charm is that all the books in the series carry the word 'Dead' in the title.

Check them out
- it's 'dead' easy!


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  2. Looks so good. And it's my genre!

  3. I'm going to tell my mom, who loves a good mystery, about this author. I think she would like his books. Thanks.

  4. I think crime writers are brilliant.

  5. Not my reading interest but I love the 'elevator pitch' on the front cover and also the way he's used 'dead' in all of the titles!

  6. And another one! Thanks for all the sharing.