Wednesday, 6 April 2011

E is for .....Entertainers

Dancers, musicians, singers - they perfect their art to entertain us - and some of them do it so well!

Just a few off the top of my head:

Gene Kelly- often remembered for the iconic "Singin' In The Rain" dance sequence (from the film of the same name), but here's a clip my daughter showed me a while back - mindboggling!

Arturo Brachetti- surely the quickest of quick-change artists!

Tom Noddy- the 'Bubble-magic' man!

(OK - how many of you are going to raid the kids' toyboxes to have a go at blowing bubbles?) ;-)

....and of course, the magic of the Musical!

Here's Ramin Karimloo as The Phantom in 'Love Never Dies' - the sequel to 'The Phantom of the Opera' - fast becoming my favourite stage musical!


  1. Have you seen this one of Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor dancing whilst sitting down?? It's awesome! :)

  2. Very Entertaining indeed. Thanks for sharing (and for commenting on my post).

  3. I can't tap dance or rollerskate, forget putting the two together. And I had no idea there was a sequel to Phantom of the Opera. You really do learn something new every day.

    M.J. Fifield
    My Pet Blog

  4. Jenny - Wow! Thanks for the link - hadn't seen that! You've made my day! :-)

    MJ - 'Love Never Dies' opened in London's West End, Spring 2010. We were lucky to go and see it in it's early weeks (a 'double-header' to celebrate my birthday - POTP matinee followed by evening performance of LND!) Andrew Lloyd Webber interrupted its run to make adjustments because of critic's reviews - we went to see the 'new' production and although I was thrilled with the original edition, this newly re-vamped edition is trully gobsmacking and breathtaking. Of course, daughter and I just HAD to go and see it yet again a few weeks ago! :-) We count ourselves priviledged to have seen the earlier 'incarnation' as that will never be staged again!

  5. Gene Kelly was why I took tap lessons. I still love tapping when no one is around.

    Thanks for the memory walk.


  6. I love that clip of Gene Kelly dancing on roller skates. He makes it look so effortless, and in reality oh my gosh - so, so hard to do. Great post - thanks!

    You are one of my A-Z highlights for today! :)

  7. And, of course, writers entertain as well! :)

  8. Without entertainers, our lives just wouldn't be the same. We lost such a legend recently with Elizabeth Taylor's passing. Thanks for the Gene Kelly video. Love that one so much.

  9. This is a topic so dear to my heart since I was in the entertainment business for so long and grew up in it.

    I especially like those dancers like Gene Kelly and the great Fred Astaire. Entertainers us carry us away from our troubles if only for a little while and help fuel our dreams.

    Great topic!

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  10. That rollerskate clip still astounds me!
    (and thankyou to the commenter who linked to the sitting down dance - fantastic!!)

    Otherwise: I second everything you say! Hurrah for the Broad Way! :D xxx

  11. Oh my gosh, these are fantastic! Thanks for "e"ntertaining us. And how have I not heard of a sequel to Phantom of the Opera??? I'll be checking it out!
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  12. I always loved Gene Kelly, even more than Fred Astaire. He looked so relaxed and made every dance like a ballet.

  13. I remember watching all the old movies with my nana. One day I would love to go to the opera. I've seen a ballet Swan Lake, so opera is next on my list. It's just a matter of finding someone to go with me. Nobody else likes opera!

  14. Making it look so effortless is true talent and these were wonderful. Thank you, so much, for the research and the sharing.

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  15. I have always like Gene Kelly. When he dances, he looks like a man dancing - with grace and strength.