Saturday, 9 April 2011

A Crime Writer's Treasury!

I'm interrupting the A-Z for April with this 'extra' post to my daily offering. ('H is for ... Hilton' is already 'up' for viewing so if you arrived here to read that, just scroll down to the previous post. Normal sevice, ie.'I is for...?' will resume on Monday 11th April!)

Anyway, someone sent me this clip and I had to share it with the other crimewriters amongst you who follow this blog! Pure magic ;-)

- but the challenge is: can you name ALL the films?


  1. In a word....NO! I had my notepad ready with the thoughts of, "Easy, James Caan in Misery." Then it went down hill.

    I'm off to read H is for Hilton! ;-)

  2. Some I know but can't remember the title. I say I don't like violent movies but I've watched most of them.

  3. Yes. Love IT! I hate killing my characters but I do it a lot.