Friday, 1 April 2011

A is for .......Authors

For this series of ‘A-Z for April’, I was going to use the various letters of the alphabet to talk about individual authors, but other subjects got in the way! (and I couldn’t find enough authors for each letter anyway!)

So, to start off I thought I’d just list a few of my favourite authors who won’t get a letter all to themselves!

Lee Child

‘Killing Floor’ introduced me to the enigmatic Jack Reacher, the ex-Military Policeman who tramps around like a cross between a hobo and Robin Hood. There are fifteen books so far in the series, I have them all but am pacing myself as I work through them – Reacher is quite an intense character! With the sixteenth title just announced (‘The Affair’) due out September 2012, I have a few months to catch up!

Adrian Magson

– I started with the fourth in his Riley Gavin and Frank Palmer series, called ‘No Tears for the Lost’ on audio CD. Gavin, a female reporter and Palmer, an ex-policeman, team up well together. Underneath the excitement of the action there’s a tension between them that leaves you wondering ‘will they, won’t they…’ - I recently managed to buy two more in the series so maybe I’ll find out! Mr Magson has also just started a new series about an MI5 officer named Harry Tate, the first book of which is called ‘Red Station’ – my current read (and it’s gripping!!)

Simon Kernick

– his ‘police procedural’ novels came highly recommended by a police sergeant I came across on the Lee Child forum; high praise, indeed! The added bonus is that a number of the stories that I’ve read so far are set in North London boroughs I’m familiar with, having lived there. I think being able to really picture the scenes gives an added dimension and really makes the books come alive! Again, there are a number of characters that reappear in successive stories – they turn up like old friends!

Grant McKenzie

– he’s an emerging author I came across when I used to work in our local library. One of the ‘perks’ of the job was being able to see new stock when it arrived. I picked up ‘Switch’ and read the blurb – and was hooked! That copy didn’t get straight out onto the shelf – it went home with me that night and virtually remained glued to my hand for the next few days. It’s a mystery thriller with more twists and turns than your average corkscrew…..! So, when his second novel, ‘No Cry for Help’ was released last year I pre-ordered it without even knowing the synopsis. Again, it didn’t disappoint – another fast-paced thriller! Just waiting for the third book to emerge – the working title is ‘The Fear in Her Eyes’ and if it’s anything of the calibre of the first two, it looks like it’ll be a white-knuckle ride!

Pam Jenoff

– a welcome break from the ‘high octane’ stuff, her novels are no less intriguing. ‘The Kommandant’s Girl’ is set in Europe during WW2 and deals with a Jewish woman who is smuggled out of the Warsaw ghetto and then finds her new ‘Gentile’ identity places her in the awkward situation of working for a Nazi official. Further books cover the Cold War years and are full of beautifully written suspense and mystery.

Karen Kingsbury

– her ‘911’ series started with ‘One Tuesday Morning’, a story based on the Twin Towers attack in New York and its aftermath. A businessman and a fireman are caught up in the disaster but only one survives. Because of appalling injuries there is some confusion over his identity and when he returns home it is to a wife he doesn’t recognise, but is it just amnesia…? Further books in the series describe how the tragedy that touched the lives of a group of people continues to shape their future as they come to terms with their loss. Although it is an emotive setting, the three books of the series that I’ve so far read all deal with the subject matter in a very respectful and considerate way.

There are so many more – but they will have to wait for another time. I hope the above have piqued your interest enough to go and investigate them for yourselves. Happy reading!


  1. What a great angle! I never thought of of doing authors.


  2. I've read a half-dozen of Lee Child's, but have never heard of any of the other authors here despite my many librarian friends. Looks like I'll have to check some of them out, perhjaps starting with Kernick. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Well, Sue, you know how much I love Lee Child. You can't go wrong with his books. And some of the others sound really intriguing!
    I'm adding names to my TBR Mountain. Don't know whether to thank you or not. HA! Yes, I do: Thanks!

  4. Meant to add: Lee's last two books published in 2010 - 61 HOURS and WORTH DYING FOR are two of his absolute best. This series does not need to be read in any order, so...My first Jack Reacher was WITHOUT FAIL. Another terrific one is PERSUADER.

  5. Oh, thank you! So many more authors - and their work - to check out.

  6. Sue some of those books look like a good read. I am glad I stopped by. I have made your follower count divisible by 5, oh yes, I have THAT much power. Thanks for visiting my blog. Have fun on the challenge.

  7. Kernick is an brilliant writer. No "faff" and his writing style is is totally laid back and easy reading. Great list, Sue.

  8. I read my first Kernick last month Sue. At over 450 pages long, I read at a pace that you could say was "Relentless"!