Sunday, 6 March 2011

'Hay'-ho - and three bags full....

I know my last blog-post was about ePublishing, but I still can't resist the feel and smell of real books and occasionally I need a 'fix' to catch up with titles I've missed.

As if we don't already have a LOT of books in our house (seriously - in the the dim, dark and distant past of several house moves in a short space of time, removal men have been heard to audibly groan at the sight of the boxes of books.....)yesterday we had a trip out to Hay-on-Wye.

Dear daughter and I paced ourselves, with a promised 'afternoon tea' by way of half-time encouragement and pick-me-up, as we ventured around the town of bookshops. Although we didn't visit all of them (there are over thirty!!!) we did manage about a dozen, wandering ever upwards, floor by floor (and sometimes down into labyrinthine cellars!) with our 'shopping lists' at the ready. We jostled on landings and squeezed past other book-hunters on the laden stairwells - with the pair of us having library backgrounds we were resisting the urge to tidy some of the shelves into true alphabeltical order! ;-p

We learned from our last visit, about eighteen months ago, that you need to go armed with knowledge - last time I stupidly managed to buy copies of books I already had back home, just because the covers were from different editions and unfamiliar! Still, I can always give those away to friends and family....

It's a bit like a literary 'gold panning' expedition - occasionally you dredge up a precious nugget or two! In my case, although the bookshelves at home are sagging, I still managed to 'up' the numbers by nine, even if three of them were not for me. I bought two football books for the OH (as payment for being our taxi driver, en route to him watching football) and one was a child's book for my son - a 'Beano' annual, as he'd been lamenting that the last time he went to Hay I (apparently?!) wouldn't let him buy one! (mind you, that was about 15 years ago and he's now 24! ;-p)

Still, aside tfrom that, I managed to purchase six more novels - I felt the need to temper some of the 'action' with something a little less blood-and-guts, so only two were crime/thrillers!

Now, back to the title of this post - '....three bags full'? Well, there were two of us and you didn't see what she bought...!


  1. Yes, it's always good to temper blood and guts... otherwise, they don't feel special anymore! :)

  2. I have about fourteen books I have yet to read stacked next my bed with two more on order. I cannot resist a book if it catches my attention.

  3. Thirty bookshops! That's awesome. Long live the bookshop. Hope you got some great bargains, Sue.

  4. Thirty bookshops! I would shop til I dropped!
    Ah, the good old days when I could do this sort of thing. If I ever did return to Great Britain again, I would definitely make time for Hay-on-Wye. It sounds like a super-fun way to spend a day or two or three. :)