Sunday, 20 March 2011

Gardening Leave

A whole week without posting - what's going on?

Mother Nature woke up - that's what!

The grass has been growing so I had to act fast and get things under control and drastic times call for drastic measures - hence I'm out in the garden more than tickling the keyboard! Not to say I've given up writing, just doing it in my head - mind-plotting!

Also, I've been getting ready for the April A-Z - a different post each day with a different letter of the alphabet as a starting point! It will be an eclectic mix, that's for sure!

Meanwhile - the garden awaits. Landscaping, anyone......?


  1. Yay! Am glad you're getting out in the sunshine...hasn't it been beautiful this weekend?
    :) xx

  2. Gardening sounds like an awesome way to give the mind a chance to plot. Makes me wish i had a garden bigger than a shoebox!

    How're things other than being all naturey?

  3. We were suppose to do yardwork this weekend but neither my wife or I felt like it. Plus, we have to buy a new lawnmower VERY soon, our weeds are running wild.

  4. Beach Bum - hah! I just spent the last week ripping up the lawn - now just have to off-load the redundant lawnmower..... ;-)

  5. I hear you on that one. We haven't had new growth in the yard here in Florida because it's just so dry. Not any rain in awhile. Hope you have nice weather to get out again this weekend.

  6. Love that picture, Sue! Go on, work on your garden. We'll still be here when you get back. :)